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WebCoRE Go 1.4

Updated on 12/04/2023

Neighborhood Support #

The new Neighborhoods feature recently added to WebCoRE is now supported in WebCoRE Go. Use neighborhoods to help manage your employee allocation and hybrid working. You can now use them to restrict and manage desk booking.

For example, only those employees assigned to a neighborhood can book a desk within the neighborhood when turned on. But don’t worry, any desks not in a neighborhood will still be free to be book by any employee with the ability to book desks.

No QR code required for check-in #

To simplify the implementation of desk booking, you can now turn off the need to scan a QR code to check-in. Scanning a QR code on check-in is great if you want to ensure bookings are used or to make it possible to “Book Now”. But if your priority is rapid implementation and you’re more flexible about employees being at a desk. In that case, they can now check-in without scanning a QR code.

No Show #

A new status of “No Show” will make it easier to tell if an employee has cancelled a booking in advance or failed to check-in. No Shows are displayed to the employee until the end of the day; if they are late to a booking or forget when it was booked, they will still have a record as a reference.

UX enhancements #

In addition, there has been a wide range of user experience enhancements, from making “Book Now” more intuitive, improving wayfinding options and hiding buildings that don’t have bookable locations.

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