Workplace Management Software

Make Informed Workplace Decisions with WebCoRE's Data-Driven Insights

WebCoRE is a workplace management software which acts as a central repository for all of your space and occupancy data. Use WebCoRE to inform your future real-estate planning.

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Workplace Management Software

WebCoRE, our flagship product, is Space Management software that centralizes your corporate real-estate data into one source of truth. With WebCoRE you can understand building occupancy, vacancy costs, recharge, plan moves, change room data, pull reports, change floor plan layouts and more. WebCoRE integrates with your existing data feeds so you can update data automatically or manually by using our in-built tools


Space Management software that captures your current facility metrics. Store floor plans, report on costs and occupancy, schedule moves and more.

Key Features

WebCoRE Go

Room and Meeting Booking app that connects with WebCoRE. Support hybrid working with restricted neighborhood bookings, quick books and more.

Key Features

WebCoRE Navigate

Kiosk office wayfinding that simplifies navigating round corporate sites. 3D floor plans emulate the real office environment taking the stress out of finding a location. 

Key Features

Hear What Our Customers Say

Rajesh Kumar v.
Rajesh Kumar v.
Webcore is very user friendly Overall: Overall experience was good. Pros: Assigning the employee to the particular location is very easy & user friendly. Cons: so far as i have used I do not have find nothing in particular & is quite user friendly.
Petra K.
Petra K.
Happy WebCoRE User Pros: Fantastic Client Support from both Accounts management and helpdesk Cons: Not applicable as most of my requirements are met by the system and the team
Doug G.
Doug G.
really helps with more complicated strings of commands Overall: It is the way to go if you are needing more functionality that natively found in your HA platform. Pros: I like how much you can customize commands and the ability to receive external feedback to commands and status. Cons: There is a fairly steep learning curve if you new but there is plenty of help available if you need it.
Geetu S.
Geetu S.
Userfriendly View Pros: I love the dashboard that gives overall view of occupancy for any premise. Cons: When a report is generated, it does not give cost code of a vacant desk

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How Much is Vacant Space Costing You?

Did you know that the average cost for a vacant seat in London is £8,400 per year. Do you know how much your vacant space is costing you?

WebCoRE gives you instant insight into where your vacant spaces are and how much they are costing you.

WebCoRE’s move management tools allow you to easily re-design seating plans to consolidate vacant space

Using our in-built tools you can easily reconfigure vacant space to remove or sublet.