Move Management solution

Office moves made simple

Traditionally, office changes involved lots of spreadsheets and paper plans. WebCoRE's Move Management software makes moving employees easy. Plan and communicate office changes from one central place.

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Benefits of Move Manager


Reduce costs

Reduce costs caused by improper planning

Benefit 2

Increase efficiency

No more manual planning – create quick and easy scenarios

Benefit 3

Stay in the loop

Trigger notifications to all involved in the moves process

View changes on an interactive floor plan

Project managers can drag and drop employees onto a floor plan. Also, change requests will automatically include team member details and their new location.

Move Manager Drag and Drop
Move Manager Collaboration

Create and share different Office layouts

Create and share scenarios to help you figure out the best office layout for you and your team members. In addition, service teams automatically receive the information to complete the changes.

Make furniture changes as you go

WebCoRE has an in-built floor plan editor so that you can change furniture layouts while seating team members. Once the design changes are confirmed, you can start moving employees on the updated floor plan.

Move Manager CAD Editor
Move Manager Data Accuracy

Track department costs accurately

Space recharge is vital for businesses to make sure each department pays for the space they own. WebCoRE will automatically update occupancy data giving accurate real estate costs against each department.

Move Manager Move Pack

Create custom move packs

Moving employees is stressful and requires many hours of planning and admin. Also this drags your team members away from work that matters. That’s why we created move packs for both employees and service teams to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Move packs contain all the information needed for employees to experience a stress-free moving day. In addition, they also have information to help service teams in their office planning. Also, they contain tips to make moving day easier!

Move Management Pack Contents

  • Employee Ergo Needs

  • Employee & Admin Checklists

  • Floor plans of New Location

  • Moving Date & Time

  • Box Labels

  • Network Requirements

  • Number of Boxes

  • Packing Instructions

Move ManageR


  • Analytics & Reporting

    View previous office changes.

  • Asset Changes

    List employee assets, such as laptops etc.

  • Notifications

    Send out emails to keep everyone in the loop

  • Bulk Changes

    Upload spreadsheets for large moves

  • CAD Editor

    Use our in-built floor plan editor to change furniture layouts

  • Drag & Drop

    Drag and drop team members on a floor plan

  • Floor plan View

    See your changes on a floor plan

  • Move Packs

    Send custom packs direct from WebCoRE

  • Automation

    Remove manual work involved in changes

  • Request Management

    All move requests in one location

  • Occupancy Recharge

    Accurate occupancy data for up to date real estate costs

  • Scenario Planning

    Create multiple scenarios for the same request


take the pain out of office moves today