Move Management

Replace spreadsheets for an all in one solution

Move Manager lets you plan, execute and communicate office moves from one centralised location.

Simplify office Moves

Reduce costs

Reduce move related churn caused by improper planning

Increase efficiency

No more labour-intensive planning – create quick and easy move scenarios

Minimize disruption

Trigger notifications to all those involved in the move

Visually plan moves with ease

You and a business lead can seat employees by dragging them on to a floor plan. Employee information and move locations are automatically transferred to a move project.

plan different move scenarios

Create and share move scenarios to assist you in move planning. Once finalised, commit the changes and service teams automatically receive the necessary information to complete the move.

Edit floor plans Within a move

Move Manager has an in-built CAD editor, so you can change furniture layouts whilst doing office moves. Once you confirm the design changes, you can start moving employees on the updated layout.

Improve data accuracy & occupancy recharge

Once you restack your moves - WebCoRE will automatically update occupancy data ensuring accurate real estate costs against each department or business unit.

Send customized move packs

Moving employees can be stressful and requires a lot of hours planning. That’s why we implemented move packs for both employees and service teams.​

Move packs contain all the necessary information needed to help employees move stress-free, as well as aide service teams in their planning. Our move packs even contain tips to make the move day easier!

Move Pack Contents

  • Employee Ergo Needs

  • Employee & Move Admin Checklists

  • Floorplans of New Location

  • Move Date & Time

  • Move Labels

  • Network Requirements

  • Number of Boxes

  • Packing Instructions

Move Management


  • Analytics & Reporting

    Review historic moves and changes.

  • Asset Moves

    Specify employee assets, such as laptops etc.

  • Automated Notifications

    Send out emails to keep everyone in the loop

  • Bulk Move Capabilities

    Upload spreadsheets for large moves

  • CAD Editor

    Use our in-built CAD editor to change furniture layouts

  • Drag & Drop

    Add employees to locations utilizing a floorplan view

  • Floorplan View

    Visualise moves on your floorplans

  • Move Packs

    Send custom move packs direct from WebCoRE

  • Move Process Automation

    Remove manual administration involved in moves

  • Occupancy Recharge

    Maintain occupancy data for accurate real estate costs

  • Request Management

    Centralise all move requests into one location

  • Scenario Planning

    Create multiple move plans for the same request

Take the pain out of move management