WebCoRE drives effective space management strategies through its holistic approach that incorporates CRE Teams, Business Leaders and building users

The relationship between these stakeholders allows building users to tell CRE Teams what they like through data capture and communication enabling smarter strategic and operational portfolio management

WebCoRE lives where CRE Teams, Business Leaders and employees meet

WebCoRE user groups

WebCoRE communicates space and building usage through tools designed for different users to manage workflow

Employees book spaces or make maintenance requests communicating important utilization data back to CRE Teams

Business Leader’s can provide insight and pivot their utilization based on trend identification and strategic conversations about effective space management

Strategic Planners use that as-it’s-being-used data to right size space deployment in-line with targets

WebCoRE User Groups

Corporate Real Estate Teams

WebCoRE’s tools for Strategic and Operational teams enable optimized planning and day-to-day space management in-line with cost programs

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Capture and Stack Portfolio Data

WebCoRE comprehensively aggregates cross-facility data into a stacked data narrative to understand exactly what you have and what you don't

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Move People and Teams with Ease

WebCoRE's moves tool provides end-to-end management from scenario planning to gain buy-in, to automated move pack distribution to reporting and analysis

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Understand Utilization Trends and Adjust Space Provision to Suit

Automated in-tool heavy lifting captures and presents utilization data enabling Space Planning teams to focus on identifying usage trends and managing CRE to match what users want

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Automate Data Flow

Simplify data management through automating dataflow reducing effort and increasing data quality

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Book Space & Assets On-the-fly

Users can book workspaces, isolation booths, meeting rooms, pedestals, lockers, parking spaces - whatever they need to make their day easier and their time on-site more effective

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Request Equipment Fixes or New Equipment

Building Users can connect direct to CRE Teams asking for maintenance work ranging from a blown light bulb in a corridor to requesting a new chair

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Increase Understanding and Space Cost Accountability

Communicate with Business Leaders on their assigned space usage and costs

Driving education will increase accountability and support right sizing strategies from CRE Teams and user perspectives

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Find Your Way Around Buildings

Simple app based navigation helps users find a booking, a meeting room or colleagues

Corporate Real Estate Users

Support your building users – give them the tools they need to be more effective and let them tell you where they go and what they need to help your CRE Team deliver better spaces

Start Making Smarter Decisions