Optimize Your Workplace

Manage your space, reduce costs and support hybrid working styles.

Your workplace Management solution

A cloud-based platform supporting Facility Managers to better manage their Corporate Real Estate Portfolio.

Cloud Based Software to Help Manage Your Office Space

WebCoRE empowers enterprises Worldwide to elevate their employee experience & optimize their workplace.

Using key data and analysis across an organization, WebCoRE helps you manage day-to-day operations and long term planning.

Space Management

Optimize Space Usage and Reduce Costs. Strategize and action improvements to your space portfolio with WebCoRE. Stay on track to meet strategic goals and objectives.

Move Management

Simplify Office Moves. Replace spreadsheets for an all in one solution. Move Manager lets you plan, execute and communicate office moves from one centralised location.

Simplified Workplace Management

WebCoRE concatenates key data from across an organization, enabling thorough analysis, enhancing the organizations’ ability to manage day-to-day operations and longer-term planning.
  • Recharge your Space

    Gain insight into portfolio costs.

  • Complete tasks and view data

    Using an intuitive 3D-floorplan of your workplace.

  • Realtime Occupancy Reporting

    Manage employees with personalized workflows.

  • Hybrid Working

    Implement and support Agile based working methods.

  • Search, Book and Navigate

    Navigate to locations and assets.

  • Property Portfolio

    Centralised view of whole property portfolio.

Strategic space & workplace management solution

Empowering enterprises Worldwide to elevate their employee experience & optimize their workplace.
Cloud-based, open-API SaaS platform making implementation and integration smooth.
Asset Management
96% of customers say our software is easier to use than other workplace management solutions.
Real-time Insights
Capture all the data you need to make critical decisions on a daily basis or for long-term planning, in one central platform.

Space Management

Optimize space usage and reduce costs.

  • Strategize and action improvements to you portfolio.
  • Stay on track and meet strategic goals.

Move Management

Simplify office moves.

  • Replace spreadsheets for an all in one solution.
  • Plan, execute and communicate office moves from one centralized location.


  • Custom Distances And Thresholds

    Choose the distances and thresholds required between each workstation

  • Floor Plan Highlight

    View desk usability, groups, Dates and Times in other WebCoRE Modules

  • Outbound Data Feeds

    Setup outbound feeds to keep other systems in the loop with what is usable

  • Reportable Columns

    Report on any metrics associated with Group planner

  • Schedule Usable Days And Times

    Indicate what days and times workstations can be used

  • Social Distancing By Country

    Set default social distancing requirements by country

  • Space Assignment

    Assign space to specific groups to limit contact between employees

  • WebCoRE Navigate Integration

    Building users can see what space is usable and unusable when they arrive

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Workplace Insights

Whether you’re planning your return, kicking things off with a pilot group, or well on your way to a flexible workplace, we got you covered.