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Are you maximizing your workspace potential?
With WebCoRE, you'll gain complete visibility over your real estate portfolio.
Get instant insight into workspace usage and building costs so you can understand how to utilize your space better

Hero - Space Management

take control of your workspace

Ben1 - SM

Increase utilization

Pinpoint underutilized space with WebCoRE's Custom KPIs

Ben2 - SM

Portfolio management

Charge teams for the space they own. See what vacant space is costing you

Ben3 - SM

new ways of working

WebCoRE allows you to track the success of your workplace principles

Convert workspace Metrics into Actionable KPIs

View the metrics you care about in a convenient dashboard. Set custom KPIs with threshold levels so you can monitor workspace metrics that matter to you.

Space Management - Dashboard Tiles
Floor Plan View - Space Management

Floor Plan Viewer

View floor plans and break them down by occupancy, space type, department, and more. Need to change a floor plan? Submit changes via our tasks module. Our dedicated CAD/CAFM team will standardize and complete the changes, following best practices.

View space distribution floor by floor

Building stack is a strategic tool that provides a graphical breakdown of your workspace. For example, view how your space is occupied, where your departments are distributed and identify areas of consolidation.

Building Stack - Space Management
Data Editor Plus - Space Management

Space Edits

WebCoRE's Data Editor enables you to make changes to space, people and agile areas quickly and efficiently

Create & export reports

Share and export our standardized predefined reports or create custom reports to produce more granular data. Filter by location, Space type, or Business Unit.

Report Writer - Space Management

Space Management


  • Agile Areas

    Manage, populate and report on Agile space

  • Audit Trail

    View historic data to identify when data changed

  • Building Information

    Track key FM contacts and lease information

  • Building Stack

    Visualize Building occupancy and categorization

  • Custom Reports

    Create and Export tailored reports

  • Data only buildings

    Include buildings without floorplans

  • Feed Integration

    WebCoRE integrates with external data sources

  • Floor plan edits

    Submit floor plan changes via tasks module

  • Floor plan view

    View floorplans without additional CAD software

  • Inactive Floors

    Stop floors your working on from impacting your data

  • KPIs

    Set Custom KPIs to monitor strategic goals

  • Space Recharge

    Report on business allocation and costs for space recharge

  • Space Highlights

    Visualize your space data via a floorplan view

  • Space Edits

    Make quick data edits to space and people.

  • Special Areas

    Manage employees that work outside managed areas


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