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WebCoRE 4.3

Updated on 17/05/2022

Neighborhoods / Zones – A new way to group your workspace #

With the latest version of WebCoRE, users can now group their workspace into ‘Zones’, ‘Neighborhoods’, or whatever you want to call them!

In addition, a new data editing tool in Data Editor+ allows users to create a new layer of space groupings for any room or agile/flexi area on a floorplan.

Our current features allow users to set a name for this space grouping, assign a color and link it with Rooms and Agile/Flexi Areas over multiple floors within a chosen building.

If a space spans multiple floors, we call it ‘multi-floor’, or you can choose to keep the space grouping at a single-floor level.

We understand that our customers have different names for groups of space and that these can change and evolve. So we’ve added in some extra features to update the naming everywhere in WebCoRE.

Please talk with your account manager, and they’ll be able to customize the terminology for these new features to whatever your business needs.

Employee Linking – Neighborhood/Zones (supports your booking tools) #

To support our introduction of Neighborhoods/Zones, we’ve provided a way to link any employee in WebCoRE to these spaces. Providing they have access to edit this data, users can now search and select the employees they want linking to a Neighborhood/Zone. We’ve also added the ability to bulk upload a list of employees to avoid the need to add single employees one at a time manually.

With Employee Linking, there’s no impact on your current Occupancy Plans. Employees can be linked with multiple Neighborhoods/Zones while being allocated to a Fixed Desk, Agile Area, or a Special Area for managing your employees.

For example, Employee A has a Fixed Desk on a particular floor. Still, they are linked with one or more Neighborhoods/Floors, indicating that they can book the bookable space in any of these Neighborhoods/Zones.

Neighborhood/zone lists of employees are easily exportable to import the data into other tools.

Support for 3D Floor plan in Space Dashboard #

If you have 3D floor plans for your buildings, they are now viewable in WebCoRE Space Dashboard. Use the new 2D/3D Toggle feature in either Space Dashboard or Locator Floorplan viewer to render the floorplan in the view of your choice.

3D floor plans provide a more straightforward way to view your workspace than traditional 2D views, allowing users to understand the space they’re analyzing more accurately – driving better space management decisions.

If you would like 3D floor plans, please contact your account manager.

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