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WebCoRE 4.5

Updated on 11/10/2022


WebCoRE introduces a new Reporting (beta) module to WebcoRE users, providing a more reliable, performant, and easy-to-use reporting solution for both regular and ad hoc reporting tasks.  


Live Reporting  #

Reporting (Beta) allows you to create reports using recently updated data! For example, you can pull reports of space edits or new cost centre assignments for a building, floor, or neighborhood without needing to publish. Any data columns not compatible with the Live data view are disabled in the list of columns.

Neighbourhood Reporting  #

Earlier this year, we launched new features to support Neighbourhoods / Zones in WebCoRE. Unfortunately, generating details and custom reports for your neighbourhoods wasn’t possible. The new Reporting module changes that, allowing fully customisable Neighbourhood reports. Simply find and select neighbourhood data from the list of available columns in the new Reporting tool. 

Large reports aren’t a problem, either. #

Ever had to run a huge report using Report Writer, only to run into issues with it generating? The new Reporting module utilises a queue system, allowing bigger data exports to run one after another. In addition, you’ll get an email (or in-app notification) when the report is ready to download from WebCoRE. With this new capability, you’ll be able to pull up to 24 snapshots into a single report.  

All your Reports in one place   #

Import from Report Writer #

We’ve made it easy for you to move all, some, or none of your existing reports from Report Writer into the new Reporting module. Just click the import button in the My Reports section, select a list of Report Writer reports and click Import Reports. All selected reports will now be available in the My Reports section of Reporting, where you can run or edit them.


Predefined Reports #

we’ve moved over any predefined/static reports pre-built for you and are fully accessible from within the new Reporting module. Just navigate to the ‘Predefined Reports’ section to view a list and run any existing reports you want to use. 

Personal and Public Reports #

Have a report template that you want to share with a colleague? Change the sharing status of the report to ‘Public’, and any colleague can access your report with view-only permissions. If they want to make changes, they can make their own copy and make any adjustments they like before exporting.  

Feedback   #

Although Reporting is still in beta, we’d like to encourage our customers to take full advantage of the new module’s features for their reporting tasks and to provide feedback on their experience using your in-app feedback portal. 

Story TypeStory Name
New Feature Export a built report to Excel
New FeatureExport a report from the Report Table
New FeaturePreviewing a sample of my report from Report Builder Page
New FeatureShow Column limits on Report Builder when adding content to report 
New FeatureLock permissions for Report Writer and Reporting, to user always have Reporting 
New FeatureSuggestion to use Reporting, when using Report Writer 
New FeatureWelcome to Reporting module stepper
ImprovementBuild a report with Agile ID and Cost Centre and Employee data
New FeatureBuild a report with neighbourhood Data (Employee Link and Space)
New FeatureExport Space Data for Rooms in an Agile Area without Room ID and Agile Area ID being merged
New FeatureSwitch between Beta and Legacy Report type 
New FeatureAccess Reports that are Public
New FeatureChange the visibility of a report between Public and Private for a single report
New FeatureI can create a duplicate of a report (which I can edit)
New FeatureMake multiple reports publicly visible or private
New FeatureShow Predefined Reports from RW in Reporting
ImprovementCheck the status of Exports that are yet to complete
ImprovementShow failed exports on the export panel
New FeatureNotification in-app panel for failed exports
New FeatureNotification when files are ready to download for the in-app download panel
New FeatureReceive email when exported file compilation fails and cannot be downloaded
New FeatureReceive email with a link to download Report Export
New FeatureView and download all current available downloadable Report files from an in-app panel 
ImprovementAlphabetical Sort Ordering of available columns
ImprovementAvailable Columns and Ordering section is scrollable
ImprovementConfirmation when report saved
New FeatureAdd and apply filters for a report
New FeatureNaming and giving a description to a new report 
New FeatureRead a description for columns when selecting them 
New FeatureReport on one or multiple published data snapshot(s)
New FeatureSelect and Order Available Columns
New FeatureImport My Report from Report Writer
ImprovementPagination to Reporting table 
ImprovementSave and Preview a report with the ‘Data’ section of Report Builder closed
ImprovementSort and order reporting tables (My Reports and Public Reports)
New FeatureDelete one or multiple personal report
New FeatureLast edited and exported date of a report 
New FeatureView all personal reports on a table
New FeatureView/Edit a personal report 
New FeatureReport on Live Data (Excludes Calculated data and combined Employee and Space)
ImprovementClick anywhere in table row to navigate to Neighbourhood details 
ImprovementAdd a processing/loader spinner below the module navigation to indicate page-load
ImprovementSticky Header for Reporting
New FeatureExport and Save loading progress
New FeaturePreview report from a Table Pages
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