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WebCoRE 4.4

Updated on 26/05/2022

WebCoRE 4.4 includes essential platform and security upgrades to WebCoRE to provide better security and performance.

However, This was essential to set us up for WebCoRE 4.5.

What is in 4.5, I hear you ask? Well, WebCoRE 4.5 will see the introduction of a new Reporting module. The new reporting module will initially include reporting on live (non-calculated) data, neighborhood data and user-customizable reports for rooms within agile areas. In addition to these features, this new version will provide users with a more stable and reliable reporting tool.

The new reporting module will also include a new interface, making report building more intuitive and easier for users.

In the future, this new reporting module will allow us to add additional data sources more quickly and easily.

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