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WebCoRE 4.2

Updated on 01/03/2022

Release Overview #

WebCoRE 4.2 will provide new features that allow users to easily edit room-level data for spaces within Agile Areas, coupled with users’ ability to better inspect and view this space data in Space Dashboard Floor Plan Viewer.

Key Features #

Users can now edit room-level data for rooms within Agile Areas. Rooms within Agile Areas now appear as editable items in Space Manager within DE+. Users can select multiple Agile Workpoints and make bulk changes to them.

Users can now view room-level data (Workpoint) for rooms within Agile Areas in Space Dashboards Floor Plan Viewer. On Space Dashboard Floor Plan Viewer, users can ‘show work points of Agile Areas’. This feature configures the floorplan viewer to show the room-level data of space within agile areas. Previously, if you tried to inspect this data, you would see ‘multiple’ listed instead of the specific data for the room.

WebCoRE Usage Analytics. In order to improve our products and your WebCoRE Experience we will be implementing an optional cookie which will track the way in which our customers use WebCoRE. When you first log into WebCoRE after the 4.2 release you will receive a cookie notice which you can accept or decline.

Coming Soon! #

We are continuing to our efforts to implement neighborhood areas to better support your back to office efforts as well as hybrid work styles! This includes expanding our reporting capabilities which will include agile and neighborhoods.

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