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WebCoRE 4.0

Updated on 01/03/2022

What’s Changed? #

WebCoRE is evolving, and The Changing Workplace is happy to announce that WebCoRE is moving to a core product, WebCoRE 4.
The Core roadmap will be informed by industry trends and feedback from you, the user.
Our vision guiding the WebCoRE roadmap is to provide our customers with the tools they need to meet modern corporate real estate challenges. The Changing Workplace aims to empower clients to get the most out of their space and optimize their real estate portfolio.

What does this mean for you? #

Our new CoRE and Product team will review any items that involve changes to how WebCoRE works. Items that generate the greatest value and overcome current challenges, for all users, will be prioritized and added to our CoRE Roadmap .
As a part of the 4.0 upgrade, you will receive a feedback button in WebCoRE, where you can submit new ideas and changes, plus vote for ideas you like.

FAQs #

Do I need maintenance releases? #

No, you will receive core updates periodically. Maintenance releases will only be necessary should you wish to add minor configuration.

What can I request in a maintenance release? #

Maintenance releases will only include configuration, which includes, but is not limited to; Data changes, custom fields, custom calculations, custom reports, inbound/outbound data feeds, changes to highlights.

What if I need a new feature? #

Maintenance releases will not include new features and products. However, if you would like to suggest a new feature, you can raise an idea using the new feedback button or speak to your account manager. In addition, we will hold collaborative workshops to provide further insight and feedback for the ideas with the most value to users.

How much do new features cost? #

Nothing! New features to existing modules are included in your licensing fees. Any new modules will come with an additional licensing fee.

When will I get WebCoRE 4? #

We are currently rolling out WebCoRE 4 across our clients. For more information, speak to your designated account manager.

How will I know what’s coming? #

You will have access to the product roadmap and release notes.

How do I provide feedback? #

You can raise an idea using the new feedback button or speak to your account manager.

How will I know when new features are available to me? #

New features and functionality will be made available to you periodically and scheduled with your account manager.

What impact will this have on my existing contract? #

There will be no significant price increases, but we will re-align contracts to reflect this new way of working when contracts are up for renewal.
We will make pricing more transparent and follow more of a software as a service approach with these changes.

How are new products and features prioritized? #

The needs of all our users will drive the roadmap. Voting, workshops, industry trends will influence our decision on what products and features provide the most significant value for all users.

Do you like the new features?