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WebCoRE 4.7

Updated on 18/09/2023

We’ve just released WebCoRE 4.7, which we’ve worked on for the past few months. With the latest version of WebCoRE, we’ve provided usability and feature enhancements – focusing on the Space Dashboard module, which will replace Space within the next few months.

Create new reports in Reporting from the Space Dashboard interface. #

We’ve added a new feature to allow you to instantly pre-populate a new Report in Reporting from wherever you are in Space Dashboard.

How does it work? #

If you’ve navigated to a location, applied a business filter and selected a specific data snapshot, you can instantly pre-populate a new report with these controls already used in the Report.

create reports from space dashboard

Space Dashboard – User Interface Improvements #

We took Space’s User Interface’s best parts and brought them to Space Dashboard Module. We refreshed the following:

  • Styling of the breadcrumbs
  • Styling of the data snapshot selection
  • Styling Changes to filters

Find Employee in Space Dashboard with Ease #

We’ve changed how you can find employees using Space Dashboard. Employee search results now show their full name, Employee ID, and primary and secondary locations.
Once you’ve navigated to an employee’s page, there’s a new look and feel to this page. It contains all relevant employee information and is laid out much cleaner.

New employee detail search function in space dashboard

Improvements #

  • Exporting PDF Floor Plan from Space Dashboard now includes a Total Row for the highlights selected – no more screenshots of Excel workarounds!
  • When editing a room within an Agile/Flexi area in Data Editor+, there’s no visual indication that it is part of an Agile/Flexi Area. A link to edit is in Data Editor+ → Agile Manager.

When will this be available? #

WebCoRE version 4.7 is now available for inclusion in your next support release. Talk with your Account Manager about scheduling.

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