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WebCoRE 4.8

Updated on 14/06/2024

We are excited to announce the release of WebCoRE 4.8, featuring essential platform and security upgrades. These under-the-hood improvements will enhance WebCoRE’s speed and reliability, lay the groundwork for future enhancements and maintaining our high security standards.

What’s New in WebCoRE 4.8? #

1. Platform and Security Enhancements: #

We’ve made significant upgrades under the hood to boost reliability and security. This means a smoother and more secure experience for you.

2. Retirement of Legacy Modules: #

To keep WebCoRE at its best, we’re retiring some older modules that have been replaced by newer, more powerful ones. This helps us focus on bringing you the latest features while maintaining high security and stability.

  • Space Module: We’ve retired the old Space module. For all your space-related analysis and insights, please use the new Space Dashboard.
  • Report Writer Module: The Report Writer module has also been retired. You can now use the Reporting module for all your data export needs.


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