The Changing Workplace Reaches Two Decades

June 21, 2022

The Changing Workplace is turning 20 years old! It’s been an incredible journey seeing where we started, the impact we have had across the CRE industry and how much we’ve grown because of the results we generate for clients.
CWP’s CEO, Steve Thorley, began his journey at American Express:

I worked as Head of Space Planning for American Express EMEA & JAPA. I realized that large organizations struggle to internalize new technologies that will revolutionize their operating functions but are not necessarily relevant to their core business.”

”My vision when I founded CWP was to take the burden away from clients. The industry is changing tremendously with best practices and new tools coming and going. I see it as CWP’s responsibility to assess what drives value for clients, enabling them to maximize their capabilities without the heavy-lifting of piloting every new idea. I am proud to say that, through this approach, WebCoRE has supported clients to consolidate over £7.8 billion of unused space across the last 20 years.”

The Changing Workplace’s platform, WebCoRE, now has users in over 140 countries, which clients use to manage a combined 200 million square feet.

Today, the vision and values that founded The Changing Workplace hold. The industry hasn’t changed its objectives – helping building users navigate property safely and reducing wastefulness. However, how teams reach those objectives has significantly evolved as the industry has matured. Therefore, building from a robust space management platform, we have focused on expanding strategic data inflow and planning capabilities to drive effectiveness and accountability.

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