We are
The Changing Workplace

Solving our client’s space management problems.

Our mission started over 20 years ago. There were no platforms to effectively manage and plan a portfolio based on accurate data.

Making space management easier for clients and being a source of knowledge has been a successful model. This has allowed us to grow, developing key partnerships in strategic locations around the world.


Our Leadership

The Changing Workplace team continues to thrive through our strong leadership across our product development and client services teams.

Steve Thorley


Steve Thorley has been in the corporate real estate industry for more than 30 years. Over this time, Steve has gathered a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight into the drivers of strategic space management. Steve’s passion for corporate real estate translates to our IWMS solution, WebCoRE – with continual innovation and incorporation of new space management methodologies.

Christine Pilon

IT Manager

Christine leverages her knowledge and experience over a decade of development to manage diverse requirements and the CWP development teams. Her keen sense and openness continue to push the technology behind WebCoRE, utilizing the latest trends across the entire development stack.

Kevin Bridgman

Senior Consultant

Kevin is genuinely passionate about his work, which shows through in his contributions to CWP. In addition, as someone who’s been in the industry for 19 years, Kevin’s depth of knowledge enables him to drive helpful insight. Kevin brings tremendous value to clients and the CWP team through his consultancy work – sharing his knowledge driving best practice and product development.

Philip Gardner

Product Manager

Philip began his career as an engineer in the aerospace industry before becoming a business analyst for a sustainability consultancy. His adeptness at problem solving, developing innovative business solutions and improving complex business processes has proven him to be an invaluable manager at CWP. Philip set up the Product Department which he now manages and this has enabled CWP to focus on enhancing both its product range & working practices.

Our Teams

Client space management success is fuelled by our teams knowledge of trends and best practice to continually drive the development of WebCoRE.


Software Development

Combining knowledge of tool and platform development with the needs of our clients and wider industry trends to deliver a useful, easy-to-use platform with a wide range of behaviours and functions.

The development team is always happy to work with clients to create customized solutions to support unique client requirements.



Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and Computer Assisted Facility Management (CAFM) is one to the pillars on which effective space management relies. It’s the floor on which everything else rests – literally!

Our CAD & CAFM team is ever present from on-boarding onwards – first auditing client floorplans to building-out a standardized library and thereafter maintaining the same stringent standards through a contract lifecycle ensuring client floorplans accurately reflect the built-environment.


Account Management

Our Account Managers work to anticipate the needs, wants and pressure points their clients encounter.

Anticipating client-side changes and being at the forefront of what’s trending in-industry, our Account Managers help to maintain smooth operations and achieve goals.


Help Desk

Our Helpdesk team manages WebCoRE support for our clients, wherever they are in the world.

The team is on-hand for anything – from registering for WebCoRE access, to training to resetting passwords to being firefighters if things go wrong!

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