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Space Management
Space Management

Evolving Space Management Practices – What’s coming next?

Space Management best practice and technologies stand still for no one. With the industry regularly developing new capabilities, it’s vital that organizations keep current with the latest advancements to ensure workplaces are meeting external pressures and internal demands. There are several technologies gaining greater traction

The Changing Workplace

The Changing Workplace Reaches Two Decades

The Changing Workplace is turning 20 years old! It’s been an incredible journey seeing where we started, the impact we have had across the CRE industry and how much we’ve grown because of the results we generate for clients. CWP’s CEO, Steve Thorley, cut his

An Evolving Changing Workplace
Agile Working

An Evolving Changing Workplace

Visual, strategic and broader metrics. These are just some of the areas we’ve been focosuing on this year to improve WebCoRE and the user’s experience everytime someone uses it. We’ve put a lot of time into improving WebCoRE’s interfaces and redesigned elements that may have

Corporate Real Estate Tools

Building Navigator | Locating & Wayfinding

https://youtu.be/8esi2k8IOWkBuilding Navigator is a wayfinding and locating app creating an easier experience for building users when they’re on-site. Users can easily search for the space or personnel they’re looking for and rely on the app for accurate directions to bring them exactly where they need