COVID-19: The ‘New’ Normal

On 19th June 2020, the UK Government downgraded the COVID-19 Alert level from four to three. This means the threat of transmission is no longer high. People can now see their loved ones, and more shops and facilities can re-open with appropriate safeguarding measures. The advice is still to socially distance from people you do […]

Space Booking through Mobile, Desktop & Kiosk

Overview The Changing Workplace’s booking app is a mobile, desktop and kiosk booking solution supporting agile workplaces and flexible working throughout facilities. The app enables users to book what they need to support their work day. Users can book available space from anywhere in their chosen location. The booking app is accessible on mobile or desktop. […]

The Risks of Passwords & Why You Should Get Rid of Them

Intro Computer passwords were first introduced in the early 1960’s. Passwords keep personal information personal. And from the first passwords to today, passwords have been a source of vulnerability. According to Microsoft, the user and their password are the weakest links in security systems. And, the average office worker in the US must keep track […]

CRES Anticipating and Responding to Global Megatrends

Change is always being felt – being driven by business or requiring business to adopt. Today, there are five changes being seen globally, expected to have significant impact. These trends – called megatrends (as their influence will be felt by everyone globally) – are health, urbanization, mobility, technology and shifting economic power. Large organizations with […]

Sensors Are One Solution to Understanding Facility Usage, But What Kind to Use?

The workplace has changed. Employees no longer work from 9-5 and never really sat in the same workstation all day long, but they definitely don’t now. The shift in workplace practice presents two challenges for workplace managers – how to create a workplace delivering the experience employees expect and how to redeploy workspace matching contemporary […]

Cough and Cold Season – What CRES Can Do

Preceding other common holiday hallmarks – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas – cough and cold season has arrived, heralding a change of season! I know this because I am currently suffering. And, it’s got me thinking about the problem: how many people are affected across the cough and cold season? How much does cough […]

Outsourcing. What has worked and what needs reform?

In light of a cluster of large outsourcing organizations recently collapsing in the UK, the UK’s Institute for Government has investigated this practice’s value. The report, ‘Government outsourcing What has worked and what needs reform?’, was released September 2019. The report examined outsourcing success categorically with financing and some people-facing services failing evaluation. IT has […]

A Question of AI – The Issue is Not AI Itself, but How CRES is Communicating and Showing Its Use to Employees

Emergent Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is finding both early adopter excitement and also resistance from critics. Champions are pushing capabilities and adopting the technology to create efficiencies through Corporate Real Estate (CRES). AI is increasingly being adopted by CRES as it can significantly improve efficiencies – creating better, more comfortable work environments, saving organizations money […]

Using Building Usage Metrics to Plan Energy Management Strategies and Maintenance Schedules

With the increasing shift towards flexible and agile working, incorporating ‘as space is being used’ metrics will enable significant operational efficiencies and enhance the user experience through facilities. Corporate Real Estate (CRES) Teams can gain efficiencies leveraging trend analysis and real time occupancy and utilization metrics to restrict access to space reducing excess operational costs […]

4 Benefits Provided by Corporate Real Estate Space Standards

For several key reasons, organizations need to achieve consistency – communicating identity and achieving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Within Corporate Real Estate (CRES) there are a number of frameworks that can be employed to achieve consistency across a property portfolio, including space standards. Not having, or inconsistent application of, space standards makes it difficult for CRES […]