COVID-19 Solution

Workplace Social Distancing Made easy

Manage your employees and space safely during COVID-19

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Return to work with confidence

Feature illustration of Employee Safeguarding

Protect Employees

Safeguard employees with appropriate social distancing

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Visualize and maintain safe distancing

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Keep on top of changes in local legislation

Social Distancing Metrics

View and monitor the impact of social distancing on capacity, costs, usable vs. unusable space.

Screenshot of example social distancing metrics
Screenshot of floor plan with social distancing highlights

Visual social distancing

Overlay social distancing zones on to your floor plans to understand which workstations conform to local guidelines.

Traffic light system

Group planner utilizes the universal red-amber-green traffic light system to immediately identify areas of non-compliance.

Screenshot of user toggling workspace on the floor plan as unusable

Toggle Desks on and off

Indicate what is usable and unusable, simply by clicking on the space on a floor plan.

COVID-19 Solution


  • Custom Distances and thresholds

    Choose the distances and thresholds required between each workstation

  • Floor plan Highlight

    View desk usability, groups, Dates and Times in other WebCoRE Modules

  • Outbound Data Feeds

    Setup outbound feeds to keep other systems in the loop with what is usable

  • Reportable Columns

    Report on any metrics associated with Group planner

  • Schedule usable days and times

    Indicate what days and times workstations can be used

  • Social Distancing by country

    Set default social distancing requirements by country

  • Space Assignment

    Assign space to specific groups to limit contact between employees

  • WebCoRE Navigate Integration

    Building users can see what space is usable and unusable when they arrive

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Start your safe return to the workplace