Understand how your workplace is being used

Transform analytics into an optimized workplace with WebCoRE

WebCoRE is an online, scalable Space Management platform. Transform workplace usage and performance.

Data Aggregation

WebCoRE is the home for your property data.

Inbound and outbound feeds consolidates all relevant data points.

Identifying Workplace Trends

WebCoRE outlines key portfolio details. Track space management performance. Identify trends indicating how and when employees are using space.

Creating Smarter Workplaces

WebCoRE’s data visibility, analytical strengths and planning tools enable workplace planners to achieve smarter workspace redeployment.

Our Process & Onboarding


Discovering your overall goals and existing pressure points will indicate the best WebCoRE bundle and customization to deliver the greatest value.


We’ll develop your WebCoRE from SOW to deployment in 14 weeks. This includes floorplan preparation, feed and data integration, WebCoRE customization and holistic testing.


From day one, WebCoRE delivers value. A key component is our extensive platform training. From deployment, users will be able to access all relevant data in WebCoRE and know how to use WebCoRE.


Your dedicated Account Manager will build relationships in your organization. They'll absorb your organizational culture and your unique requirements and processes. Pairing the knowledge with best-practice will ensure your WebCoRE continues to evolve in-line with your needs.

WebCoRE's Value Add


Clients consolidate up to 6% of their space in the first year of WebCoRE usage


Clients reduce their move churn by up to 6%

Improving data management for greater wellbeing and reduced operational costs


Across Y2 and Y3, clients consolidate a further 5% of space

What Clients Say About Our Building Management Platform

“The WebCoRE differentiator was training and continuous help-desk support for the occupancy team”

Fortune 500 Corporation

“This is a great tool and you all have done a great job through the process. It showed a 20% reduction in space needed based on the calculations”

S&P 100 Technology

“Thank you and the whole team at CWP. So far the feedback has been AWESOME and we are already putting the tool to good use”

FTSE 100 Banking