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Cloud based software to help manage your office space

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Space Management

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Move Management

Simplified Space Management

  • Recharge Your Space and gain insight into portfolio costs

  • Complete tasks and view data using an intuitive 3D-floorplan of your workplace.

  • Manage employee allocations with personalized workflows and real-time occupancy reporting

  • Implement and support Agile and activity based working methods

  • Provide employees the ability to search, book and navigate to locations and assets

  • Centralised view of whole property portfolio

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How to get back to the office post Covid-19

Evidence suggests that the threat of transmission of COVID-19 is 18.7 times higher in enclosed spaces than outdoor environments. This means that facility management teams will have to work doubly as hard to ensure the workplace is safe for employee returns.

Create efficient workspaces that employees love

Expert Advice

Access to expertise to manage workplace initiatives and data to industry standards

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Data driven

Support your business initiatives with accurate space and cost metrics

Empower Employees

Provide every employee with the tools they need to enhance the way they work

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Improve Utilization

Analyse portfolio performance and implement optimized workplace schemes

Workplace Insights

Whether you’re planning your return, kicking things off with a pilot group, or well on your way to a flexible workplace, we got you covered.

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