A Wide WebCoRE Community Simplifying Building Management

WebCoRE is a conduit for communication

Feeds from across facilities weaves data together outlining planned utilization and associated costs

Tools deployed through the built environment and designed for CRE Users captures and communicates how buildings are used compared to how they were planned

This visibility provides tremendous insight for planners to identify re-balancing opportunities

WebCoRE supports CRE Teams managing and planning buildings that align with cost management programs and contributes to positive employee well being

CRE Users rely on WebCoRE to make their days easier – to work from the best spaces for their daily tasks, navigate through buildings & make requests

“The WebCoRE differentiator was training and continuous help-desk support for the occupancy team”

CWP WebCoRE Client Testimonial

Fortune 500 Corporation

“This is a great tool and you all have done a great job through the process. It showed a 20% reduction in space needed based on the calculations”

CWP WebCoRE Client Testimonial

S&P 100 Technology

“Thank you and the whole team at CWP. So far the feedback has been AWESOME and we are already putting the tool to good use”

CWP WebCoRE Client Testimonial

FTSE 100 Banking