Business Portal

Encouraging Accountable Space Management

The Business Portal is a workplace solution for Business Group Leaders to be more engaged with their team’s space and how they use it. Visibility drives accountability optimizing a Business Group’s footprint and energy usage. Business Group Leaders can manage, approve or query property chargeback.

Business Portal is a communication gateway for your property users to tell your Space Planners what they like and what they need to improve their workplace experience.

Manage Facility Costs through Visibility and Accountability

Through Business Portal, Business Group Leaders are pushed a chargeback statement for their team’s space allocation and any additional prorated charges. This credit card-style statement outlines transparent line items which Business Group Leaders can approve, query or make requests to change.

Costs are reported by space assigned to a business group, work station costs and any ad-hoc costs as generated through space bookings. Monitoring space allocation over time enables teams to monitor and pivot on extant shadow space.

Unfulfilled bookings (meeting rooms or agile workstations) still cost money. Business Group Leaders can monitor who in their Business Group are creating bookings and subsequently not using that space.

Reduce No-show Space Bookings

Reduce booked ‘no-shows’ by outlining the capital impact that ghosting carries. Whether booked space is fulfilled or not, a Business Group is going to be charged for that booking. Business Portal outlines total booking charges and what amount (by financials and percentage) stems from unfulfilled bookings.

Working together, CRES Managers and Business Group Leaders can benchmark a Business Group’s bookings, creating and monitoring strategies to optimize meeting space usage. These initiatives reduce unfulfilled bookings and overall costs for Business Groups and drive more efficient energy usage

Reduce Costly Shadow Space

As business groups flex, unmanaged headcount changes result in unused work stations and space. When scaled to incorporate your global portfolio the total sum for hidden, unused space can amount to tens of millions that’s being unnecessarily spent annually.

Outlining to Business Group Leaders operational costs for their assigned space footprint drives accountability encouraging leaders to identify shadow space and optimize their space.

Open Communication between Property Managers & Business Group Leaders

Business Portal enables both user groups – Corporate Real Estate Teams and Business Group Leaders – to gain tremendous value through communicating at a regular cadence.

Business Group Leaders use Business Portal to submit change requests to your property team from moves to increasing or decreasing space and workstation requirements to furniture requests.

The portal’s dashboard and request menus are intuitive, negating the need for specialist knowledge – either in how to use the tool or property-specific knowledge.

Drive Effective Space Planning

Business Group Leaders can communicate change requests and requirements through Business Portal to your CRE Teams for approval and implementation.

As workplace tools and methodologies evolve in search of the best deployments driving workplace wellbeing, Business Group Leaders can request the workplace environment best supporting their team’s specific workflow requirements.

Business Group Leaders communicate expected headcount changes impacting strategic planning. Whether flexing up or down, headcount changes can be fed back to your CRES Teams for them to incorporate into strategic space planning programs.

Your employees are the ones who have to use the space your teams deploy and manage – don’t make them suffer in silence. Give them voice and work together to deliver balanced workplaces.