CRE Users

Empower CRE Users to take charge of their space usage

Drive accountability in Leadership

Increase data capture to identify usage trends & rightsizing opportunities

Business Leaders

Business Leaders play a strong part in the conversation of how much space their team is allocated and need more visibility of their space occupancy and costs to drive strategic goals

Business Portal

The Business Portal is a communication tool built for Business Leaders to understand space costs associated with their Business Group

CWP WebCoRE - Business Portal
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Manage CRE Costs as Pots

The portal shows year-to-date spending across several pots helping with budgeting and planning

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Understand Space Footprint and Associated Costs

Statements are regularly sent to Business Leaders outlining costs associated with their footprint

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Scale Space Ownership

Business Leaders can scale their space ownership depending on their needs

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“WebCoRE is demonstrating itself to be one of the top three players with regards to capability set, and global reach. Of the top three, it is typically the most competitive and scales well from small simple projects to large complex enterprise solutions”


Employees are the living breathing representation of CRE’s digital records – the very people who use facilities and can feedback to CRE Teams how they use facilities and what they want to see

CWP WebCoRE - Booking Mobile App


Book space and assets wherever and whenever

The app is compatible with mobile devices, desktop and kiosk

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Book Space and Assets

Book whatever you want, wherever you need to use it, whenever you need to use it

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Navigate to a Booking

The app provides directions helping people find what they've booked eliminating frustration and wasted time

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Get Booking Reminders

The app syncs with calendars to send reminder on when and where a booking has been made

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Vote with Your Feet

Booking data is aggregated into a narrative on usage trends

Understand what CRE Users like and don't like about buildings

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Building Navigator

A guide for CRE Users to easily find their way on-site

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Multi-device Compatibility

Building Navigator works on mobile devices, kiosks and desktop making navigation easy & accessible for everyone

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Visitor Check-in

When visitors come on-site they can check in, notifying the person they are there to visit they have arrived

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Find the Best Place to Work Fast

When arriving on-site, CRE Users can look at each floor's current occupancy to help them choose where they want to work and where they'll easily find available space

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CWP WebCoRE Building Navigator Kiosk and Mobile
CWP WebCoRE - Service Requests Mobile

Service Request

Employees can easily feedback facility related requests – from maintenance requests to replacing equipment

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Request a Move

CRE Users can submit their own move requests and communicate requirements personal to them

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Request Personalized Maintenance or Replacement Requirements​

Employees can ask CRE Teams directly for support with the assets they have assigned to them

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Request General Portfolio Maintenance or Replacement Requirements

CRE Users are the people who use facilities daily and are affected if something goes wrong

Empower employees to take action and request changes where needed

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