Stack Strategic Planner & Reporting

Actionable Floor by Floor Utilization Insight

Stack Strategic Planner and Reporting visualizes how space is distributed across a building floor-by-floor. Strategic Space Planners can understand space distribution levels and create high-level restack plans ensuring optimized, cost-effective space provision.

Understand a Building’s Floor-by-floor Space Distribution

Stack’s off-the-shelf reports carve up a building’s space distribution across useful categories:
  • Area
  • Occupancy
  • Business Hierarchy
  • Space Categorization
These categories are useful for understanding how a building is being used and provide the details required to drive more effective operations and planning:
  • Consider how much space is unoccupiable and how much it costs when renewing a lease
  • Review how much space is assigned to a Business Group, how much space costs and real-world occupancy trends to identify optimization opportunities
Stack’s reports and tabs are configurable. Customize the tabs and types of data displayed in ways that drive additional value for your team and organization.

Data Visualization​

Stack’s strength lies in its visualizations. Key planning data is easily and quickly accessible through visual and interactive charting. Color allocation further simplifies interpreting space distribution.Scroll over isometric reporting to view further details on a specific space allocation.

Where Stack is Going

The Changing Workplace is continuing to build out Stack’s capabilities supercharging this module to drive smarter space planning.

We are looking to increase Stack’s strategic usability by introducing drag-and-drop functionality. This will enable users to grab a particular Business Group or space type and move it to another floor. Space Planners will be able to easily increase or decrease space distribution through click-and-drag functionality.

Important measures against a space (costs and client space standards) will be displayed to ensure Space Planners are making smart changes adhering to broader brand requirements and in-line with budgets.

Further capabilities include lateral stakeholder inputs. As headcount flexes year-on-year, personnel responsible for personnel management – HR and Business Group Leaders – will be able to push expected headcount changes into Stack allowing Space Planners to restack facilities accommodating all building users.