CRE Teams

WebCoRE supports strategic and operational space management bringing requirements in-line with business goals

WebCoRE’s cross-facility data aggregation provides CRE Teams accurate visibility of how space is being used to identify change opportunities

Automated data flow relieves operational requirements while maintaining data quality and enables teams to focus on day-to-day operational management

Strategic Tools

Portfolio BI Scorecard ​

WebCoRE’s Porfolio BI Scorecard is the hub for CRE data and the nucleus of control

Cross-facility data is aggregated, analyzed and presented as a visual scorecard outlining portfolio health and target achievement. Armed with knowledge on portfolio health, CRE Teams can have meaningful discussions on next steps

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Role Specific Scorecards

Understand portfolio health from a Utilization, Finance or MAC perspective to monitor and manage operations in-line with targets

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Compare Planned vs Actual Space Utilization

Understand if current space provision is in-line with how employees use it

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Set and Monitor Utilization KPI's

Implement utilization strategies and monitor target achievement

Scorecard categories helps teams quickly understand where issues may exist

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Stack Strategic Planner & Reporting

Understand space distribution across a building and re-stack space with ease

Adjust allocation for more effective layouts in-line with cost programs

Strategic Tools - Stack Strategic Planner
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Understand Space Allocation

Stack presents allocated space on a floor-by-floor basis across a building through an interactive, visual interface

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Pass Re-stack Scenarios to Moves Teams​

With a finalized scenario, pass high level plans to Moves Teams to complete details and carry out

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Plan More Effective Space Allocation

Drag-and-drop teams across buildings and adjust their space allocation based on utilization trends or feedback from Business Leaders

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Utilization Analyzer

Utilization data collected from bookings, sensors and building/ floor access points is restacked into a comprehensive narrative outlining when people come on-site and where they go while there

Strategic Tools - Utilization Analyzer
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Understand Utilization

Utilization Analyzer providers CRE Teams the insight to fully understand the success of on-going space management strategies

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Compare Utilization Trends

Adjustable data ranges enable users to compare current utilization to any other time frame to understand trends

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“[WebCoRE is] really user friendly, provides great insights and has been designed to be relevant to our customers and not just property”

Operational Tools

Space Management

CRE Teams rely on Space Management to accurately manage day-to-day operations

Operational Tools - Space Management
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Have Complete Portfolio Visibility

Space Management accepts feeds with relevant portfolio and personnel data stacking that information together providing clear visibility on what's in facilities from a global to a floor level view

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Rest Assured

Automated cross-facility feeds accelerate and improve in- and out-bound data flow driving charge back and improves data quality

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Communicate Portfolio Health

Pull reports analyzing any aspect of facility operation to understand portfolio health and to support strategy development and communications

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Data Editor Plus

CRE Teams are able to manage facilities more accurately having the ability to edit related data

Operational Tools - Data Editor Plus
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Edit Portfolio and Personnel Data

Edit data records against buildings, people, space and desks

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Allocate Cost Center

Assign employees to multiple locations with costs assigned accordingly

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Create and Maintain Agile Areas

Assign employees to navigate zones and create target utilization ratios

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Move Manager

Move Manager provides the framework for CRE Teams to successfully move through a re-stack project

Operational Tools - Move Manager
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Create Move Scenarios​

Gain buy-in for move projects by creating plans to share with stakeholders

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Distribute Move Plans

Move any number of personnel from A to B, automatically distributing relevant move plans to stakeholders for an efficient move

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Update CAD Floor Plans

Update floor plan records to reflect the current layout in the built environment

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Monitor and Analyze Move Jobs

Understand move job success by reviewing progress and feedback or comparing to other move jobs

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Maintain floor plans that reflect the most current layout in the built environment

Operational Tools - WebCAD
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Edit Structural Elements

Following any major refurbishment projects, move, delete or create walls, doors, corridors, etc...

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Create Fire Plans

Ensure Building User safety by creating and maintaining fire plans that reflect a floor's current layout

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Edit Blocks

Move workspace layout on a floor plan

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CRE Teams without CAD knowledge can request floor plan changes through Tasks

Operational Tools - Tasks
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Build Change Requests

Capture change requests linked to SLA's

CRE Teams can review request progress while completion teams can view, edit, reject, request clarity and close a ticket

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Link Requests to Redlines

Simplify requests by highlighting what needs to change and leave a comment beside the affected area outlining required changes

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