On-Demand CAD Solution

WebCAD is a lightweight, online CAD solution. Create ease-of-access, by storing floorplans online. Create a library online for your Corporate Real Estate floorplans. Use WebCAD to keep floorplans current. The solution has a full drawing suite for creating and editing drawings.

Centralized Floor Plan Library

By maintaining one, centralized location for your architectural plans, your teams know where to locate what they need for a task and can be assured that they’re accessing the most current floor plan.

Lightweight Online CAD Software

Make changes on the fly. Update your facility’s architectural plans immediately when changes are made.

WebCAD has a comprehensive set of 2D drawing, editing and annotation tools enabling users to create floor plans or make changes reflecting current configuration in the built-environment.

WebCAD features a standard set of drawing tools and ease-of-access through tool bar making uptake easy for those with CAD knowledge.

Maintain a permissions hierarchy protecting drawings. Certain users can only view and checkout architectural designs while other roles have permission to edit, create and delete records.

Search tags simplify sifting through floor plans. Search by a building for all associated CAD designs. Alternatively, filter for specific floors to view specific records.

WebCAD accepts all standard file formats – dwg, dwt, dws, pdf and jpg

While in the WebCAD tool, floor plans are saved as drafts. Publishing to live either replaces the previous version or creates a review request for quality analysis before committing to the latest draft.