A Simple Portal to Raise Requests

Tasks is a service portal built for space managers to submit change requests. Space Managers can request changes to floorplans or floorplan layers.

Simply raise a request and our specialist CAD/ CAFM team will complete the work. Tasks is a useful solution if your team doesn’t have knowledge of CAD software.

Fill Skill/ Knowledge Gaps

Not every organization has the specialist skills to make CAD and floor plan changes. The Changing Workplaces’s CAD/ CAFM team has been supporting clients maintain current data and floor plans for more than a decade.

It’s easy, much easier, to raise a task than trying to complete floor plan changes and we’ve made sure of that when we built the Tasks module.

The ticket creation wizard features drop-down menus, text boxes and file attachment. Users can attach Redlines or images supporting their task request. Annotate a floor plan using shapes and text. Outline the area requiring changes and attach files to support change requests, providing greater clarity to the change team.

Data Control

On-demand services enables floor plans and associated information to be kept current.

Whether taking lead from BOMA, IPD or any other well-known space standards or using your organization’s own standards, it’s key that data remains consistent and conforms to expectations.

A single team – trained in CAD and conventional space standards – managing your floor plans will more efficiently maintain standards than multiple teams distributed globally.

Additionally, prior to pushing requested changes live, any editing is rigorously quality checked against the original request to ensure changes beet the tasks request. Thereafter, change requests are measured against your pace standards ensuring making a change does not contravene standards, thereby spoiling data quality.

Fast Turnaround

Tasks’ portal has full ticket visibility, making ticket progress easy to monitor. Of course, our service delivery is controlled and measured against Service Level Agreements, meaning request completion will be made against the timelines you define as being acceptable.