Move Manager

Move Manager is an end-to-end work place solution providing planning capabilities, automation and communication required to effectively move teams of any size.

Plan Your Office Move

As workplace strategy evolves, employees are going to have to move. This can be an inter-office or full relocation to a new office. It doesn’t matter, big or small, moves are disruptive. They affect employees and cost money. The key is to minimize both disruption and cost.

Move Manager’s workplace solution enables Corporate Real Estate teams to plan effective moves.

The tool’s MAC planning functions enable users to easily create a cohesive move strategy. Drag-and-drop personnel and teams from their existing location to new locations. If unsure of a move location – put movees into a lobby freeing up the space they currently occupy.

Creating a comprehensive plan will help you strategically think though a plan answering all the necessary questions. Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) control planning timelines – the complexity and size of a move project determines a project’s lead times.

Create shareable scenarios communicating plans to colleagues for discussion and create as many plans as needed to get it right. Having a shareable scenario enables sanity checking with your team, building managers and with stakeholders.

Creating plans that clearly outline the need of a move, while adhering to strategic goals and show consideration to reducing disruption increases buy-in – thereby, increasing move success reducing move related churn and overall costs.

Communicate the Move Plan with Stakeholders for Frictionless Moves

You’ve got an approved move plan with a date in place. Get on top of the move project roll-out, communicating expectations with stakeholders – who’s involved, what’s happening and when.

Move Manager’s moves packs are automatically distributed to project managers, moves teams and employees being moved and contains specific information for each stakeholder.

Communication to Moves Teams

Your moves team, internal or out-sourced, are not going to appreciate if you drop a move request on them two days before you need a move carried out. You’ve got a plan, so there’s no need for surprises.

Move Manager’s move packs to moves teams contains all the information they’ll require to fulfil a move. Automated distribution controlled by SLA’s will provide the team enough time to break down project requirements and plan accordingly.

Move packs contain all the information needed for a seamless move process – how to access a building/ space, movees’ location and where moving-to and date for move.

Where employee’s have special requirements – ergonomic furniture – furniture moves are also captured within Move Manager ensuring that when the employee next comes to work they will be able to seamlessly move through their workflow as they would expect.

Communication to Movees

Your employees aren’t moves professionals. Make moving as easy and stress-free for them as possible.

Move Manager’s moves packs contain all the information your employees will need – from where boxes are available and when they’ll be available to printable moves labels for their equipment.

We’ve supported a lot of moves over the years, so we’ve observed where the common sticking points exist – our move packs even contain tips to make move day easier.

Maintain Facility Data Accuracy and Integrity

Once a move job is restacked within Move Manager all affected data (where an employee/ business group is located and associated space costs) is automatically updated maintaining strong data quality.

Automated data updating impacts chargeback for business groups ensuring that what business groups are paying for their occupied space is accurate.


High-level move activities are pulled into multiple reporting indices enabling multiple stakeholders to monitor individual and on-going move job success from across your Corporate Real Estate portfolio.

Benchmark moves success – average costs, number of moves occurring across a period of time, time to fully restack – and look to strategies that will improve planning and moving experience. Capturing and analysing moves enables cost and churn reduction.