End-to-end digital surveys

MobileCoRE is an app enabling Corporate Real Estate teams to survey their workspace and gather the information they need when making decisions on major or minor changes

Answer any property related question

If there’s any question that just can’t be answered through extant data or from digital, automated sensors, MobileCoRE is a digital surveying app enabling users to walk through facilities and collect crucial data.

Administrators plot a survey route for surveyors to follow capturing data to answer any property-related questions.

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) survey formats include:

  • Space utilization and space occupancy
  • Observation of activities
  • Asset and floor conditioning

Configure question sets within these broad survey formats to capture any insight required – from auditing data quality to ensure its accuracy to validating floorplate change plans.

Collect occupancy data – recording how many employees are coming into the workspace – and record utilization levels – how often a space is being used. While capturing trends, MobileCoRE’s surveys enables data capture on the activities employees are doing in the spaces.

As surveyors move through spaces, they can record space and asset conditions – anchoring problems they’ve observed to a location on a floorplan. This record can be recorded as a photo, video or piece of text simply to create a record for reference or to raise a ticket for the issue to be addressed – very useful data through a building and asset’s lifecycle as both a tenant and landlord.

Control where surveyors go, set the questions they need to collect data on and define when surveys need to be carried out – create a survey lasting 10 days from Monday to Friday hourly with an hour’s break for lunch.

MobileCoRE is so simple to use – surveys are carried out by tapping on a specific location on a floorplan that opens a dialogue box enabling surveyors to respond to how that space is being used – if it’s occupied, what equipment the space has or what employees are doing in the space.