Booking App

Transform your facilities and how users interact with facilities by enabling bookable work space.

Give employees the choice to book the type of space – from meeting rooms to desks to huddle rooms for team collaboration – that best supports the tasks they’re working through.

Benefit by understanding where, when and what your building users are booking. Transform this data and trends into the next round of iterative space planning and bring facility deployment in-line with usage trends.

Booking Supports Activity Based Working & Agile Workplaces

Booking significantly increases your facility’s ease-of-access – opening doors for users to book exactly what they need and when.

Users can access whatever work space that best suits their daily work flow. Introducing booking as a gateway for employees to reserve spaces is an underlying component driving Activity Based Working success. Booking enables users to book purposefully designed settings to best support the many different activities that are undertaken in the workplace.

Bookings Made Easier

Booking workplaces is as easy as selecting the type of work space or asset required, date/ time required for and confirming.

The booking admin portal can be used to manage bookings and to make bookings for other people or teams.

Booking is accessible on kiosk, mobile or desktop, which makes it easy for users to book what they need in advance or on-the-fly.

Before making a booking, users can search and view the space through a floor plan to understand what else is close (i.e. washrooms, elevators or break out space).

If a user likes their booking, they can add it to their favorites making repeated booking even easier.

The in-app dashboard shows when and where a booking is. Calendar syncing increases visibility for users so they know what they have booked, share a booking and will receive notifications of where they should be.


We know not all users are going to be familiar enough with facilities to easily move straight from the entrance to their booking. Booking also has Wayfinding making on-site navigation easy.

Users have a choice of 2D or 3D floor plan visuals with breadcrumb navigation overlaid to guide them easily to where they need to be.


Once a user arrives at their booking the check-in process is as simple as scanning a unique check-in code through the baked-in QR/ NFC code reader. We leave it up to you to set how long you want to allow users to get to their booking before it’s released back into the system, but our default is 15 minutes.

Transform Bookings into Actionable Metrics

Daily Space Management

Use daily bookings and historical facility usage trends to manage property. Close or limit access to certain floors/ areas reducing energy usage and plan maintenance schedules based on utilization trend metrics.

Assigning Accurate Chargeback

Capturing bookings straight for users makes assigning a cost for that booking easy. Simply, who’s booked a space, for how long and push that charge to the specific business unit they’re assigned to.

Incorporating Booking Data into Strategic Planning

You’ve built a portfolio that users want to engage with and is in-line with budgets and strategic goals. The only way to maintain that balance is through metrics. Planning and work place deployment is iterative and Booking’s data capture illustrates how utilization patterns change and evolve enabling your team to continue balancing portfolio deployment by volume and type.

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