Data Editor Plus

Control Your Own Data

Data Editor Plus’ capabilities makes data-editing for your employees simple. It’s the best way to keep data current and maintain high quality standards.

Maintain personnel data, cost centres and transform traditional spaces incorporating greater flexibility through hotdesking and empower your employees while optimizing your space and energy outlay.

Data Editor Plus’ easy-to-use dashboards and task workflow ensure quick and accurate data editing. Workflow is managed through wizards, drop-down menus, free-text and drag-and-drop functionality.​

Edit Personnel and Space Cost Centres

Data Editor Plus enables your CRES teams to maintain current records on charge allocation ensuring that costs are being accurately assigned where they should be.

Cost allocation can be assigned and edited based on personnel, work space, rooms (including meeting rooms) and by polyline (useful where charges go back to the business – such as breakout space or unoccupiable space that still needs to be paid for).

Users can pro-rate costs distributing costs for common spaces, meeting rooms or agile zones between business units.

Create a Home for Temporary and New Employees

Data Editor Plus lets users create temporary records for new employees and employees temporarily transferring locations or business groups.

Temporary records are useful for managing space and assigning chargeback.

They also promote greater safety and stronger emergency planning through providing visibility of assigned headcount to a floor/ agile zone/ business group.

Manage Agile Spaces

Agile Space Manager is used to reassign a space’s usage and create agile areas to drive new workplace strategies.

Reassigned space is automatically updated in your centralized databases, automatically updating space distribution and assigned operational costs.

When converting traditionally functioning fixed space to an agile space, CRE Managers can assign employees, set and control agile ratios moving towards a target occupancy and assign cost-centers.

Flex your hotdesking assignment. Reassign space traditionally assigned as fixed workspace creating hotdesking neighborhoods and assign personnel to access. Create target agile ratios setting the workstation-to-headcount ratios that you want to achieve, based on benchmarking utilization levels for that building or floor or cost management strategies.