Building Navigator

Navigate Facilities & Locate People

Building Navigator is a friendly, easy-to-use visual search and wayfinding app for your employees and visitors to locate the personnel and space they need.

The app’s wayfinding capabilities directs users through facilities making it easier for them to arrive where they want to go.


Search for Personnel and Work Spaces

Building Navigator’s simple-to-use menus and search functionality enables users to find where personnel and workplaces are located. The app is compatible with kiosk, mobile devices and desk top.

Building Navigator links to your internal phone book. Search results outline not only where a person is located, but displays relevant profile information including their current email and any phone numbers. Employees can edit contact details ensuring their profiles stay current.

Users can understand where spaces are located. Search for meeting rooms, neighborhoods or spaces supporting Activity Based Working.

If your organizational strategy includes Activity Based Working, hot-desking or agile work space, search results for a person will outline the general neighbourhood or space that person has booked or is assigned to.

Generic Facility Search

Building Navigator’s generic search enables users to locate dining areas, floor and building exits, view fire evacuation routes, first aid stations/ first-aider locations, worship spaces and toilets.

Office floor plan highlights enable users to quickly get a sense of where meeting rooms, work space, quiet areas and breakout areas are located. Once a user understands the floor plate they can make the booking they want to move through their workflow.

Facility Wayfinding

Simply showing app users a static map on a fixed kiosk in a lobby isn’t going to help them navigate facilities.

If users access Building Navigator through mobile devices they can initiate the app’s breadcrumb navigation to guide them to their search location.

Users have a choice of visualizations making navigating the built environment easier. Users can navigate from Point A to Point B using a 2D floor plan that has breadcrumb navigation.

The second choice helping users move to their desired location are 3D floor plans which features photo realistic renderings of a floor providing an immersive experience that more accurately reflects the built environment. In addition to the same breadcrumb navigation, users can identify landmarks to confirm they are moving in the right direction.

Reflect Your Brand Touchpoints in Building Navigator

Building Navigator’s interface is configurable and can easily feature your brand colors and logo.

Building Navigator can easily support unique naming conventions. A lot of organizations name their space after entities key to their identity – naming meeting rooms, hallways or agile zones after key personnel for example. If your organization has uniquely named buildings, floors, corridors, neighborhoods/ zones or work spaces these unique names can be incorporated into Building Navigator.