WebCoRE Navigate

You Have Reached Your Destination

Turn static floorplans into a fully interactive 3D map.

Wayfinding Made Simple​

Enhance User Experience

Use live data to find and book rooms to suit your needs.

Increase Workplace Productivity​

Save time by finding people and places quickly and easily.

Encourage Modern Ways Of Working

Support agile working.

Book Workstations and Meeting Rooms

Search and book specific workstations or meeting rooms.

Find spaces based on required capacity and equipment needs.

Book - Directions@2x

Fully Interactive 3D Floor Plans

Connect the virtual environment to the real world.

Helps users interact and navigate their way through the building.

Book Kiosk@2x
Locate People And Book Nearby Space

Receive directions to your collegues and team members.

Encourage collaboration by suggesting available meeting rooms and desks in close proximity to your colleagues.

Find your destination quicker

Provides directions and routes to get to your booking.

Includes a fully immersive walkthrough simulation to guide you.

Provide real-time room availability

If you have existing workplace sensors, Building Navigator can utilize the output data to provide real-time room availability and utilization data.



  • 3D Floor Plans

    Fully interactive 3D floor plans

  • Automatic Floor Plan Updates

    Drawing updates automatically reflected

  • Building Amenities

    Toggle on and off specific points of interest

  • Bookings

    Book workstations or meeting rooms in advance or when required

  • Book Near Colleagues

    Search for colleagues and book space near their location

  • Configurable Branding

    Customise desk textures, flooring, and walls to reflect your buildings

  • Connects To Employee Directory

    View colleague information pulled from the employee directory

  • Integrate With Sensors

    Connect with existing IoT sensors

  • Intuitive Search

    Easy search function and navigation

  • Search For Different Space Types

    Search for specific space types such as hot desks, meeting rooms or agile space

  • Room Availability

    Live updates to room availability

  • Walkthrough Simulation

    Fully immersive guided route to your chosen destination

  • Wayfinding

    Full navigation and directions

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