WebCoRE Go

the employee app for modern workplaces

Book space on-the-go or in advance

Search for People, places and assets


Gain the freedom to decide where and when you work

Support agile working

Find and book specific space that fits your needs

Ben1 - SM

Improve Utilization Data

Gain insight into building utilization through WebCoRE Go

Search & locate what you need in an instant​

Reduce the time spent searching for people and places. Instantly locate colleagues and meetings rooms so you can get on with the work that matters.

Quickly find colleagues & nearby space

Search for colleagues and team members, and receive directions to their location. Building Navigator encourages collaboration by suggesting available meeting rooms and desks in close proximity to your colleagues.

Flexible booking options to suit individual needs​

Book space ahead of time or as and when required. Search and book space based on its assets or whether its in a quiet area or shared space.

Simple check-in

Know who is sitting where and when. Validate booking data with check-in functionality via QR/NFC codes present on the workstation.

Encourage flexible working

The days of fixed locations have been and gone. Employees now need to be flexible and agile. Empower your employees with the ability to choose where they sit and when.

WebCoRE Go


  • 3D Floorplan View

    Utilizes 3D floorplans to help users interact and navigate their way through the building

  • Book space

    Book workstations or meeting rooms ahead of time or on-the-go

  • Building Navigator Integration

    WebCoRE Go syncs with Building Navigator to ensure data accuracy and avoid double bookings

  • Custom Search Criteria

    Search for workstations in quiet areas, or find meeting rooms based on capacity

  • Live Data

    Data edits and bookings are automatically reflected in WebCoRE Go

  • Locate assets

    Locate space that has access to the facilities you need

  • No Additional Set-up

    WebCoRE Go utilizes your existing WebCoRE data

  • Save Favourites

    Indicate favourite spaces to book them in future

  • IoT Sensor Integration

    Populate WebCoRE Go with data from IoT sensors.

  • Search People & Places

    Easily locate colleagues, meeting areas and workstations

  • View Room information

    Check a meeting space's capacity, equipment and availability

  • Wayfinding

    Navigate to your booking or search result from building or floor entrances

Empower your workforce with WebCoRE Go