What Trends Will Have an Impact on Facilities In 2019

June 21, 2022

Organizations, CRE Planners and the industry at large is adjusting and reacting to new technologies, capabilities and methodologies triggering a rapid workspace evolution. It is estimated that by 2030, thirty percent of all organizations will have adopted flexible work environments. This massive change in such a short timescale has got everyone scratching their heads over how we’ll get from where we are today to being able to plan for and support such a significant shift only 11 years from now.

To cut through the noise and give some clarity on what will be important and how trends for 2019 will support the shifting expectations, we’ve reached out to a few industry visionaries for their opinions on those first steps we’ll see in 2019.

Steve Thorley

Managing Director
The Changing Workplace

2019 will be about actual utilization – mixed hardware/ software methodologies for capturing and understanding utilization.

This eyes-on-the-ground approach provided through new and existing technologies outlines very precisely how space is being utilized. That understanding is key when managing BAU and strategic planning.

The second trend will be in how workspace is defined. The demand from end-user is overwhelmingly in favor of increasing smart space – providing a flexible and collaborative working environment. Fortunately, for organizations there are some significant financial savings to be seen from supporting flexible working.

I’m a big believer that information is key.

Workplaces have become cleaner, sustainable, environmental, while Work Setting has become comfortable, ergonomic and varied.

But still what is ABW or agile working? And what about floor utilization?

Organizations, even building owners will start to monitor populations in order to drive more efficiencies.

Damian Milani

Director, NSW
Cushman & Wakefield

Global Head, Workplace

FTSE 100 financial services

Across the next few years, we are focused on increasing value engineering and workplace efficiency.

We have radically overhauled operations developing new workplace programmes around flexible working and Agile Sprint.

Our focus is to greatly increase collaboration by providing more comfort and choice of settings to meet our users’ needs while delivering greater business efficiency.

A trend for all organizations, regardless of industry or size will be to create change management programs that effectively support a move towards agile.

Implementing the appropriate mix adjusting work culture, office deployment/ fitout and technology making the migration easy for employees, management and facility teams.

In terms of technology, what will make that transition possible is employing a universal system allowing for booking/ visitor management coupled with apps that will provide for mobility for users and a more engaging experience between themselves and numerous services and facilities that are on hosted across the campus and organization and broader integrations both up and downstream (security, BMS and CAFM).

Steve Corkin

Head of Sales and Business Development
Hamilton Apps

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