WebCoRE's Evolution in 2019

April 9, 2019

WebCoRE is evolving into a good place – both in its own right and compared to competitors.

I’m confident saying this for several reasons. When demo’ing WebCoRE, we get very positive feedback on the visibility and management of data and the number of paths users can take to action rightsizing measures once they’ve identified an issue. Clients that have partnered with CWP are outlining the internal initiatives they’re working towards are largely the same roadmap elements we’re bringing into WebCoRE (we’re talking about the same thing!). There’s a tremendous explosion of utilization capturing/ analysis solutions coming into market, something we’ve been supporting clients monitor for a few years now

WebCoRE’s tools and capabilities and the new program, the Ecosystem, is driving data capture and communications clearly outlining how facilities are being used.

WebCoRE Ecosystem

How An Evolving WebCoRE Resonates With Clients

Through the industry, viewpoints and what’s important has shifted. A big point of conversation is improving and supporting the employee experience. WebCoRE’s Ecosystem incorporates CRE Users in two meaningful ways. Users are provided the tools to manage their days more effectively. Through those tools, building users are voting with their feet. The data employees create as they move through facilities outlines to Work Space Planners what’s working and what’s not.

The granularity of data being captured directly from users, the power of the analysis tools and the frictionless integration powered by the Ecosystem has created an infrastructure allowing planners to deliver facilities that people want to use and are meeting strategic objectives.

How WebCoRE is Getting Better and Better

Discussions on what’s important and how to capture/ measure is always changing. Especially now with such a massive shift in principles (greater shifts towards agile working and serviced offices) and technology (environmental sensors, IoT and AI).

Staying on top of trends, we’ve partnered with and trialled a broad range of sensors to understand how the tech works, what questions they answer, costs, etc… this provides us the authority and knowledge to walk clients through these conversations when they’re ready and streamlines any integration between deploying sensors to the built environment and bringing that data into WebCoRE.

WebCoRE is continuously moving from strength to strength and that’s making me and clients excited.

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