WebCoRE's Ecosystem – A communal approach to CRE management

January 22, 2019
WebCoRE’s Ecosystem creates a cross facility community and platform that increases communication, insight and data quality.

The breath and depth of insight and capabilities drives CRE design and management in-line with both user expectations and strategic directives

Users can use WebCoRE’s in-built navigation for moving through, search for specific information, create filters and save and share for future time saving.

Users can configure their WebCoRE view – pulling columns relevant to their role and tasks into the interface. Settings and Preferences further personalize the user experience.

Navigation is managed through common functions and icons.

Non-traditional CRE users are a part of the WebCoRE community communicating space usage and associated charged, making requests and booking space. We don’t want tools that come with their own lexicon or are complicated – alienating these users. Where we can, we make tools simple to use through element by element wizard request builders, drop down menus and other techniques.

If all else fails and questions still exist on what a tool can do or how to carry out a task, we have healthy coverage here – step-by-step documentation, videos and an on-demand Helpdesk team.