Monitoring Facility Health Portfolio Wide Working across multiple continents, regions or countries with different service teams managing operations is difficult to manage. Without process and checks and balances in place, monitoring facility health is near impossible.   WebCoRE’s Porfolio BI Scorecard is the hub for CRE data and the nucleus of control. Cross-facility data is aggregated, analyzed and presented as […]

What Trends Will Have an Impact on Facilities In 2019

Organizations, CRE Planners and the industry at large is adjusting and reacting to new technologies, capabilities and methodologies triggering a rapid workspace evolution. It is estimated that by 2030, thirty percent of all organizations will have adopted flexible work environments. This massive change in such a short timescale has got everyone scratching their heads over […]

3 Space Management Tools and Techniques to avoid

The management of your facilities significantly impacts employee satisfaction and productivity. Therefore, accurate space data is vital for understanding how your space portfolio is used and how to optimize it. If not properly cared for, space data quality can soon deteriorate leading to inaccurate data and bad decision making. Below we break down the three […]

Space Management – What’s coming next?

Space Management and technologies stand still for no one. With the industry regularly developing new capabilities, it’s vital organizations keep up to date with the latest advancements to future proof workplaces. There are several technologies gaining greater traction in Facilties Management (FM) such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices. These […]