Monitoring Facility Health Portfolio Wide Working across multiple continents, regions or countries with different service teams managing operations is difficult to manage. Without process and checks and balances in place, monitoring facility health is near impossible.   WebCoRE’s Porfolio BI Scorecard is the hub for CRE data and the nucleus of control. Cross-facility data is aggregated, analyzed and presented as […]

WebCoRE’s Ecosystem – A communal approach to CRE management’s Ecosystem creates a cross facility community and platform that increases communication, insight and data quality. The breath and depth of insight and capabilities drives CRE design and management in-line with both user expectations and strategic directives Users can use WebCoRE’s in-built navigation for moving through, search for specific information, create filters and save and share for […]

Continuous improvements across operations and processes

The Changing Workplace are in final sprint stages of launching an internal project scorecard that will further improve process mapping and efficiency. We’re getting such tremendous feedback about improved BI from clients using our KPI linked Space Scorecard that we decided to adopt it to monitor our own project progress. Like the Space Scorecard, this […]

Markup Drawing Viewer

Expediency and ease are primary drivers for us when developing new tools. We’re always looking at methods and technology to make CRES teams’ jobs easier and faster. Enter the new Markup tool. It’s been built as a separate extension to the drawing viewer and enables users to edit and create floorplan highlights allowing for greater […]

An Evolving Changing Workplace

Working in parallel with the development of broader and deeper tools The Changing Workplace have also modernized our collateral set. This brings marketing content in-line with current expectations. Content has been simplified with a greater emphasis placed on actually showing our tools. We’ve made some really good, visual tools that we’re proud of – so […]