Sensors Are One Solution to Understanding Facility Usage, But What Kind to Use?

The workplace has changed. Employees no longer work from 9-5 and never really sat in the same workstation all day long, but they definitely don’t now. The shift in workplace practice presents two challenges for workplace managers – how to create a workplace delivering the experience employees expect and how to redeploy workspace matching contemporary […]

Cough and Cold Season – What CRES Can Do

Preceding other common holiday hallmarks – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas – cough and cold season has arrived, heralding a change of season! I know this because I am currently suffering. And, it’s got me thinking about the problem: how many people are affected across the cough and cold season? How much does cough […]

The UK Could Soon Be Legally Enforcing Flexible Working

The UK is close to making flexible working law. In support of greater choice and freedom for employees, UK lawmakers want workers to have better work/ life balance whatever stage of life they are in. Currently, for UK-based employees to be granted flexible working status they must work for the same employer continuously for a […]

Facilities Teams to the Rescue – Mending Toxic Company Culture

A recent article from Jim Purcell examined the causes and solutions to broken company cultures and the impact on employees. Jim’s piece opened, ‘Nothing determines business success (or failure) more than workplace culture.’ Problem A company’s culture impacts operations, employee wellbeing, productivity and overall profitability. Yet, employee well-being across America is at an all-time low. […]

CRES Strategies Supporting a 4 Day Work Week

The five-day work week was invented in the 19th century to suit the demands of factory work. Before that, tenanted farmers worked 6 days. However, a lot has changed and it may be time to reassess the way we work, identifying solutions more in-line with current needs. Are we winding down the work week as jobs […]

Facility Managers are Too Busy Deploying the Workplace They Think Employees Want

It’s true, organizations America wide are spending an average of $3.6 million annually on providing a better workplace experience, yet employees aren’t happier or more productive after all that money is spent. And, it’s because of one fundamental flaw in planning how to spend all that money – Facility Managers are not asking employees what […]

Evolving Space Management Practices – What’s coming next?

Space Management best practice and technologies stand still for no one. With the industry regularly developing new capabilities, it’s vital that organizations keep current with the latest advancements to ensure workplaces are meeting external pressures and internal demands. There are several technologies gaining greater traction through Corporate Real Estate (CRES) such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) […]

Sedentary Lifestyles Carry Serious Health Implications & Costs

We do it during the commute to work, continue while at work, during the commute home and through our evenings. And it’s not healthy. In fact, sedentary lifestyles are killing people. Sedentary lifestyles have long been associated with decreased health. Researchers in the UK have attempted to put numbers to the problem. And the numbers […]

Building Navigator | Locating & Wayfinding Navigator is a wayfinding and locating app creating an easier experience for building users when they’re on-site. Users can easily search for the space or personnel they’re looking for and rely on the app for accurate directions to bring them exactly where they need to be. The support provided by the app creates an […]