Facilities Teams to the Rescue – Mending Toxic Company Culture

A recent article from Jim Purcell examined the causes and solutions to broken company cultures and the impact on employees. Jim’s piece opened, ‘Nothing determines business success (or failure) more than workplace culture.’ Problem A company’s culture impacts operations, employee wellbeing, productivity and overall profitability. Yet, employee well-being across America is at an all-time low. […]

4 Considerations When Adopting an Agile Culture

Agile working is the new norm. Employees expect they can prioritize their day and move depending on what they need to do in their day – both professionally and personally. Workplace strategies have significantly evolved – almost mutated – with the technological explosion seen in the workspace. Home workers, gig workers, job sharing – how […]

How to Collect and Identify Utilization Trends

https://youtu.be/a52qY11uoFY Traditionally, how much space should be provided was determined in one of two ways. The first, you knew a floor’s square-footage and worked out the ideal headcount ratio for that space. The second, you started with your headcount (based on what you were working with or future expectations) and calculated your required space. A […]