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Supporting Clients’ Data Management Process to Accelerate Their Utilization Focused Strategies

With rapidly changing employee expectations and diversifying options for meeting facility provision, many organizations are evaluating if their embedded processes are adaptable to these new challenges and opportunities.

A large financial client has become emboldened to adopt new technology and revolutionize their space outlay – boldly forging a new playbook incorporating smart technology and new management methodologies.

Prior to pulling the trigger on this ambitious shift, the client audited their data quality, processes and service providers to ensure their logic was sound and the investment into this direction would be one they could support in the medium term.

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Property Data And Service Team Audit

The audit revealed large data discrepancies that were impacting on both BAU and strategic planning.
The largest source of data discrepancy was found in the data validation.

Issues had developed over a number of years as global service providers worked in isolation to each other progressively moving off-piste. The client, admittedly, also didn’t manage ownership over data and service

Fundamental Overhaul And Realignment Improving Data Quality

Having identified the fundamental issues affecting any rollout of new facility technology and management methodologies, the client partnered with The Changing Workplace to pivot their data management

Jointly, we created strategies around leadership, retraining and monitoring that will impact data acquisition, validation and processing.

Client Driven Leadership & Project Ownership

The client, now fully aware of the issues with their data quality and the ramifications poor quality data causes, is actively working to drive new strategies rightsizing existing issues and embedding best-practice for
managing and maintaining data in the future.

Part of this new leadership program has included internal promotion of personnel responsible for data quality and accountability.
Additionally, the client has established centralized communications maintaining visibility on project progress for all global stakeholders to remain informed.

Webcore User Retraining & Process Enforcement

After partnering with our client, The Changing Workplace have been working with lateral service providers to standardize WebCoRE platform use.

We evaluated global operations and service delivery teams going back to the client with strong recommendations on data acquisition, realigning task ownership and retraining users.

We’ve taken an assessment with the client to understand how WebCoRE and platform users are acquiring data, encouraging the client to provide greater data visibility and automation.

We have redefined how, when and by whom WebCoRE is to be used. Additionally, we have established a continuous professional development style mentorship program validating correct WebCoRE usage that all
users must become certified in.

A key part of achieving consistency across all service providers has been to embed why we’re doing what we are doing – supporting the client manage their global portfolio enabling target achievement. To do so and to strip
away service provider competition and bias, we have worked with lateral service providers to form solid, strong relationships amongst core leaders.

Monitoring Process Adherence & Tool Usage

We all know projects start off with the best of intentions and everyone is enthusiastic. Over time is where the real difficulty creeps up, as evidenced through our client’s data issues.

We have built a new strategic tool for the client that monitors ongoing data management.

Client-defined KPI’s monitors data processing and validation as a traffic light scorecard enabling the client and service providers to understand how well they’re performing. Drawing out data management into a ‘public’
scorecard has made a significant impact on accountability and overall management.


These strategies are positively impacting WebCoRE usage, data quality and the client’s goal to implement smarter management processes.

We estimate that the inaccurate data created through unmanaged process was costing our client upwards of $85 million annually. Having improved data quality by 6% already the leadership team estimates those costs are
now around $55 million annually, a total saving of $30 million annually!

This is great progress. The multi-strategy approach has had signification impact educating users on why they’re doing what they’re doing and how all stakeholders are expected to contribute. We’re going to continue driving the strategic value WebCoRE has through data acquisition, validation and processing monitoring process adherence to prevent backsliding.

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