Service Requests – Self-Service MAC Request Portal

June 21, 2022

Service Request is a portal to manage change requests between your employees and CRE Teams. The module’s employee-facing requirements gathering menus are non-technical and easy-to-use. Its back-end integrations and automation ensures scheduling, cost compliance while maintaining accurate portfolio data.

Simplifying Portfolio Change Requests for Employees

CRE Users – both teams and employees – want to submit change requests easily, simply and directly. They’ve got other things to focus on – asking for their broken chair to be repaired or replaced is definitely not one of them.

And that’s where Service Request comes in. It’s a module for CRE Users to submit change requests when there’s a need. Broken assets, move requests or anything else that affects employee’s work place experience is easily handled through Service Request.

The module’s requirements gathering menus are as simple as employees build their request through a step-by-step wizard. The wizard’s gentle hand-hold has been designed to capture all request details on first pass. Again, your employees have more important things to do than know technical CRE-specific details. The module supports move requests, on-and-off-boarding employees, asset maintenance/ replacement and additional design services.

Employees benefit from getting the workplace experience they expect.

Managing Change Requests Through Process Adherence & Automation

User options are controlled through Service Request depending on their role and permissions driving Workplace Design Principle (WDP) adherence. Additionally, menus are linked to Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) providing users an accurate estimate of when a ticket will be completed.

Once a change request is approved, an automated process pushes requests to project stakeholders in-line with SLA’s (i.e. a move team will be notified of requirements 2-3 weeks in advance with a complete move pack to the Project Manager, while the employees moving will be sent their move packs one week before the scheduled move date).

Completed change requests are re-stacked with changed data going live to maintain accurate space data and charge back. On re-stacking a change request, associated costs are pushed to the appropriate cost center(s).

Service Request is a simple tool for employees to submit change requests, ensuring their workplace experience is in-line with their expectations allowing them to focus on being productive.

The checks and balances and automation that Service Request features enables CRE Teams to effectively manage change requests from the task at hand to costings and data control.

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