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Agile Cultures: Best Practices & Implementation

A step by step guide for how to implement a successful agile work culture in your workplace

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As customer, employee and organizational expectations change workplace cultures organically evolve to reflect what is important to employees. The latest workplace trend is agile – the idea being that work is an activity we do, rather than a place we go. As global customers expect faster service delivery, there is a push supply side to meet demand.

Flexible work arrangements and technology are what is helping to meet expectation. Agile working is an emerging culture that enables employees greater autonomy and flexibility in their working lives. The principles of agile are rooted in technology and continues to embrace new technologies and choice around where and when to work. Inherently, agile encourages employees to self-manage, shifting focus to productivity and employee contributions.

Agile working has several all-encompassing benefits including better working lives for employees, increasing operational readiness and reducing environmental impact and organizational costs. A more granular view of agile witnesses benefits such as increased cross-selling, better joined-up services and greater profitability.

Adopting new cultural practices is a big ask for organizations and requires a review of new management styles and technology. There will be barriers when implementing an agile culture. When you know what’s going to change and can anticipate reactions you can implement effective change management to ensure a smooth transition for all involved.

This White Paper on agile working cultures expands on the following three talking points:

  1. What are agile work practices?
  2. Why should I implement agile work practices?
  3. How do I move to an agile culture?

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