Office wayfinding – simple, easy as it should be

June 21, 2022

Building Navigator simplifies office wayfinding for everyone – employees and visitors.

Building Navigator is lightweight and easy-to-use that’s broadly accessible through multiple devices including kiosk, mobile and desktop. Its flexibility is incredibly useful for broad user groups as they are navigating through facilities.

Building Navigator integrates with a wider range of employee experience tools such as booking and digital signage to reflect space and asset availability as they’re being used.

Once a booking has been made or a user knows what they want (assets, spaces or personnel) they can search in Building Navigator to understand where their search is located aiding office wayfinding.

Users can rely on Building Navigator to help them fulfil their bookings minimizing workflow disruption and frustration. The app’s visual wayfinding supports users navigating facilities to the parking space, asset, work space or meeting space they’ve booked.

It’s easy for users to navigate through buildings because the app can be accessed via kiosk, desktop and mobile devices. Where needed, users can pull up a visual aid right on their portable devices!

Building Navigator also has a number of visualizations for users to choose from – from a simple 2D floor plan to 3D floor plans that can reflects the layout. Colors and assets in the built environment provide additional reference points for users as they move through unfamiliar space.

Also, if your organization uses unique naming conventions for hallways/ corridors, meeting spaces and work spaces, Building Navigator can reflect these conventions ensuring users can confidently rely on the tool’s wayfinding.

Building Navigator features additional useful search capabilities for a broader audience – not just for those who’ve made a booking.

Users can search for colleagues and personnel. Search results include where a colleague is located with a profile including contact details attached. Employees can manage their own records – attaching appropriate profile images and maintaining their contact information.

Deploying end-to-end systems – digitally and through the built environment – enhances the employee experience.

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