Monitoring Facility Health Portfolio Wide

BI Portfolio Scorecard Screenshot
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Working across multiple continents, regions or countries with different service teams managing operations is difficult to manage. Without process and checks and balances in place, monitoring facility health is near impossible.


WebCoRE’s Porfolio BI Scorecard is the hub for CRE data and the nucleus of control.

Cross-facility data is aggregated, analyzed and presented as a visual scorecard outlining portfolio health and target achievement. Armed with knowledge on portfolio health, CRE Teams can have meaningful discussions on next steps

Role Specific Scorecards

Understand portfolio health from a Utilization, Finance or MAC perspective to monitor and manage operations in-line with targets

Compare Planned vs Actual Space Utilization

Understand if current space provision is in-line with how employees use it

Set and Monitor KPI’s

Implement strategies and monitor target achievement 

Scorecard categories helps teams quickly understand where issues may exist

How does your organization manage operations ensuring all facility contributors are working off the same playbook?

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