An Evolving Changing Workplace

July 16, 2019

Visual, strategic and broader metrics. These are just some of the areas we’ve been focosuing on this year to improve WebCoRE and the user’s experience everytime someone uses it.
We’ve put a lot of time into improving WebCoRE’s interfaces and redesigned elements that may have been text-based to be more visual. Whether on desktop or on-the-go, users have told us that they want to be able to easily view their property portfolio details. As well as rolling out more visuals, we’ve also looked extensively into accessibility – which has improved the user interface for everyone and made WebCoRE even easier to use.
The third element impacting general user experience that we’ve focussed on improving is load times, as much as can be done given the volume of data WebCoRE aggregates and analyzes. We’ve enhausted all best-practices to ensure that WebCoRE’s load speed is as low as possible on all devices.
From across facilities and within WebCoRE there are great metrics available to help CRES Teams identify new opportunities. We’re focussed on developing WebCoRE so it can do this in greater amounts for users. For us to walk the walk, we’ve incorporated utilization data, examining what questions these data sets helps to answer and the best ways of presentation, making opportunity identification faster and easier for users.
WebCoRE isn’t just for CRES Teams anymore! Space Management has evolved. No longer do CRES Teams sit in backrooms hatching management strategies based on formulas and data collected through spreadsheets. The people who use buildings on a daily basis are a valuable voice to communicate what they like and use through apps and data captured through sensors. CWP are close to go-live releasing our Building Navigator on kiosk. Featuring interactive, lightweight 2D and 3D floorplans searching and navigating facilities is now easier than it’s ever been.