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Continuous improvements across operations and processes

BI Portfolio Scorecard Screenshot

The Changing Workplace are in final sprint stages of launching an internal project scorecard that will further improve process mapping and efficiency. We’re getting such tremendous feedback about improved BI from clients using our KPI linked Space Scorecard that we decided to adopt it to monitor our own project progress. Like the Space Scorecard, this tool automates our processes tracking, pulling company-wide data into the scorecard and providing greater accuracy and granularity.

Aggregated data science for deeper KPI tracking & automation

A key component of the tool is project KPI tracking. The tool compares estimates from our Project Lead and Programme Management teams with on-demand performance metrics updating daily. This will enable us to identify potential problems fast, eliminating or minimizing project delays.

The tool’s automation generates monthly client Account Packs and billing for project and operational work.

This tool will improve cross teams’ workflow – we expect improved communications, reduced release delays and better workflow. All of this should shorten timescales (and costs) per project and create more time for exciting new projects and modules!

Greater roadmap visibility

Outside of project tracking, we’re consolidating other areas to bring teams-wide visibility.

Roadmap visibility will be hugely useful across the account management team to easily review what’s coming up for all clients and piggyback development work, effectively aligning a project within core for the benefit of all clients.

Tracking Helpdesk tickets

Our Helpdesk services have also been linked to the tool. Being able to aggregate helpdesk tickets will help us to better understand shortages in WebCoRE or user knowledge gaps.

From here we can look at projects to improve tool usability, create further training supporting clients or work with clients to implement easier-to-use elements.

For instance, we know username/ password help tickets are frequent for certain clients. Tracking these tickets and collating the metrics/ associated costs may help us to encourage clients who haven’t implemented SSO to do so.

Continuous improvements through process mapping consolidating time and costs

Ultimately, this tool will help us, as a company that has many moving parts, to work more closely together and more efficiently. Managers will have greater visibility to drive time and cost reductions.

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