Space Booking through Mobile, Desktop & Kiosk

Overview The Changing Workplace’s booking app is a mobile, desktop and kiosk booking solution supporting agile workplaces and flexible working throughout facilities. The app enables users to book what they need to support their work day. Users can book available space from anywhere in their chosen location. The booking app is accessible on mobile or desktop. […]

Sensors Are One Solution to Understanding Facility Usage, But What Kind to Use?

The workplace has changed. Employees no longer work from 9-5 and never really sat in the same workstation all day long, but they definitely don’t now. The shift in workplace practice presents two challenges for workplace managers – how to create a workplace delivering the experience employees expect and how to redeploy workspace matching contemporary […]

Using Building Usage Metrics to Plan Energy Management Strategies and Maintenance Schedules

With the increasing shift towards flexible and agile working, incorporating ‘as space is being used’ metrics will enable significant operational efficiencies and enhance the user experience through facilities. Corporate Real Estate (CRES) Teams can gain efficiencies leveraging trend analysis and real time occupancy and utilization metrics to restrict access to space reducing excess operational costs […]

Are You Measuring Your Meeting Room Usage Space Differently to Desk Utilization?

Meeting rooms. Desks. Employees use them both and they’re both a part of workplace design for employees to do their jobs. So, why not take a macro view and understand occupancy and utilization levels at the floor plate level? Well, for two reasons. One, meeting rooms/ spaces are not the same thing as workstations. They […]

The UK Could Soon Be Legally Enforcing Flexible Working

The UK is close to making flexible working law. In support of greater choice and freedom for employees, UK lawmakers want workers to have better work/ life balance whatever stage of life they are in. Currently, for UK-based employees to be granted flexible working status they must work for the same employer continuously for a […]

Space Management Metrics Driving Optimized Portfolios

Corporate Real Estate has always relied on data to make informed decisions on how to manage portfolios. With the introduction of technology that better tracks how employees move through space, new metrics have emerged providing CRES Teams deeper insight into space usage. Sensor technology enables constant data capture through spaces. Clearer space usage insight impacts […]

4 Considerations When Adopting an Agile Culture

Agile working is the new norm. Employees expect they can prioritize their day and move depending on what they need to do in their day – both professionally and personally. Workplace strategies have significantly evolved – almost mutated – with the technological explosion seen in the workspace. Home workers, gig workers, job sharing – how […]

Sedentary Lifestyles Carry Serious Health Implications & Costs

We do it during the commute to work, continue while at work, during the commute home and through our evenings. And it’s not healthy. In fact, sedentary lifestyles are killing people. Sedentary lifestyles have long been associated with decreased health. Researchers in the UK have attempted to put numbers to the problem. And the numbers […]

An Evolving Changing Workplace

Visual, strategic and broader metrics. These are just some of the areas we’ve been focosuing on this year to improve WebCoRE and the user’s experience everytime someone uses it. We’ve put a lot of time into improving WebCoRE’s interfaces and redesigned elements that may have been text-based to be more visual. Whether on desktop or […]