Space Booking through Mobile, Desktop & Kiosk

Overview The Changing Workplace’s booking app is a mobile, desktop and kiosk booking solution supporting agile workplaces and flexible working throughout facilities. The app enables users to book what they need to support their work day. Users can book available space from anywhere in their chosen location. The booking app is accessible on mobile or desktop. […]

CRES Anticipating and Responding to Global Megatrends

Change is always being felt – being driven by business or requiring business to adopt. Today, there are five changes being seen globally, expected to have significant impact. These trends – called megatrends (as their influence will be felt by everyone globally) – are health, urbanization, mobility, technology and shifting economic power. Large organizations with […]

Sensors Are One Solution to Understanding Facility Usage, But What Kind to Use?

The workplace has changed. Employees no longer work from 9-5 and never really sat in the same workstation all day long, but they definitely don’t now. The shift in workplace practice presents two challenges for workplace managers – how to create a workplace delivering the experience employees expect and how to redeploy workspace matching contemporary […]

A Question of AI – The Issue is Not AI Itself, but How CRES is Communicating and Showing Its Use to Employees

Emergent Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is finding both early adopter excitement and also resistance from critics. Champions are pushing capabilities and adopting the technology to create efficiencies through Corporate Real Estate (CRES). AI is increasingly being adopted by CRES as it can significantly improve efficiencies – creating better, more comfortable work environments, saving organizations money […]

Are We Getting the Most From AI? Maximizing AI through Facilities Improving Carbon Footprints and Building Usability

Artificial Intelligence, or Machine Learning, is creating significant opportunities for organization’s to optimize their property portfolios. And with government and NGO’s coming together to discuss climate change and introducing ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions, AI’s uptick into the mainstream has come at the right time. Many organizations are leveraging AI to more efficiently manage […]

An Evolving Changing Workplace

Visual, strategic and broader metrics. These are just some of the areas we’ve been focosuing on this year to improve WebCoRE and the user’s experience everytime someone uses it. We’ve put a lot of time into improving WebCoRE’s interfaces and redesigned elements that may have been text-based to be more visual. Whether on desktop or […]

Building Navigator | Locating & Wayfinding Navigator is a wayfinding and locating app creating an easier experience for building users when they’re on-site. Users can easily search for the space or personnel they’re looking for and rely on the app for accurate directions to bring them exactly where they need to be. The support provided by the app creates an […]

Encouraging collaborative work space planning

Business Portal is a communication tool driving collaborative work space planning between CRE Managers and Business Unit Leaders. Opening communication between these stakeholders allows CRE Managers to more effectively match the amount of space allocated to business units and types of spaces with what employees need as they move through their workflow. Business Portal eliminates […]