Building Navigator | Locating & Wayfinding

May 1, 2019
Building Navigator is a wayfinding and locating app creating an easier experience for building users when they’re on-site. Users can easily search for the space or personnel they’re looking for and rely on the app for accurate directions to bring them exactly where they need to be. The support provided by the app creates an easier, safer experience reducing frustration and wasted time.

What is Building Navigator

Building Navigator is a wayfinding and locator app for building users to gain understanding and comfort of their surroundings. Users can access the app through desktop, mobile or kiosk to navigate unfamiliar space through three key search functions. Available searches includes searching for personnel or spaces, locating important features and landmarks or viewing what’s located in the nearby space. Search results are illustrated through fast loading, light-weight 2D and 3D floor plans just to make orientation and navigation easier.

How to Enhance the Workplace Experience

Simply stated – Building Navigator makes life easier by allowing users to understand what’s around them and how to get there. Users can specifically search for either a space type or person. Where unique naming conventions have been given to hallways, zones or meeting spaces these conventions can be incorporated into the search function, meaning users get the right result for a seamless experience between digital and on-site. When searching for personnel, app users are shown where that person is located (to a neighborhood if sitting in an agile zone) and are also given their contact details to connect. Building Navigator is integrated with internal contact details and gives personnel the choice to maintain their own details. When they move desk they can update their new location and phone number, keeping all relevant details current. The second search function, Finder, shows where canteens, emergency exits, first-aid stations/ personnel, multi-faith rooms and restrooms are located orientating a user for whatever they may need through their day. The third search is a quick visual orientation for users to educate themselves on what’s around them or located on a specific floor. Nobody likes to waste time looking blindly and no one likes waiting for someone who’s late for a meeting because they’re lost. Building Navigator shows where a search location is on a floor plan and outlines routing choices.

Increase Safety for All Building Users

Should an emergency happen within facilities, it’s critical everyone knows what to do, where to go and who’s trained to deal with any situation. Building Navigator highlights fire routes/ escape zones, where first aid stations and personnel with additional training are located through the floor plan viewer.


Nobody likes to waste time, not know their bearings or, worse, feel unsafe wherever they are. Building Navigator is a simple way for your building users to find what they need, when they need whenever they’re on-site. How can Building Navigator improve the experience you’re delivering for building users through your portfolio?