Book work space & capture utilization metrics

June 21, 2022
Give your employees greater freedom by creating bookable office space. Turn booking data into utilization and trend identification to help you understand if you have the right amount of space, are providing the right space types for your employees and if strategic space planning targets are being met.

Driving Better Work space Utilization Through On-demand Booking

Giving employees the power to book workspace, meeting rooms and assets meeting work flow requirements supports both agile working and Activity Based Working (ABW) methodologies. Using Booking is as simple as selecting the space type required (meeting rooms, conference rooms, desks and other workstations) date to be booked and length of time required. The app can reflect unique naming conventions for meeting and conference rooms and also releases unfulfilled bookings back into Booking reducing vacancy. Users can also book assets like lockers and pedestals to safely store personal items when on-site. In-app reminders and Outlook calendar notifications make bookings shareable with colleagues and alert users what’s coming up. When on-site, users can find their way to their booking using the app’s directions.

Work Space Utilization Data Capture & Reporting

Introducing a space booking system also enables you, the Space Planner, to capture crucial space usage and utilization trends to understand meeting space and work space usage. Segment data further by identifying who uses, when and for how long. Slicing data by who’s used and for how long enables accurate chargeback to appropriate Business Groups and incorporating utilization metrics into future space planning. You have two main goals as a Facility Manager. The first is to provide useful space for employees to safely and efficiently use when moving through their workflow. The second goal is to align space provision with business goals meeting operational and strategic targets.


Booking’s simple experience enables users to move through their work flow booking the space and assets they require. Booking captures that journey by reporting on what space type was booked by who and for how long. Collating that data together creates a narrative to understand what spaces are being used by Business Groups, zones/ neighbourhoods, floors or buildings. Drive accurate space provision using this insight. What is your method for capturing work space utilization data and how are you leveraging that data to understand changes and improvements you can introduce?

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